Oregon January 1, 2009 Smokng Ban Expanded..

December 29, 2008 - On January 1, 2009 - the smoking ban expands to bars, restaurants and other indoor work sites. No smoking within 10 feet of doors, windows or ventilation. More than 35,000 Oregonians work in these establishments, and that a U.S. surgeon general's report issued last year made it clear that their health is put at risk by exposure to secondhand (passive, involuntary, side stream, environmental)smoke.

Oregon legislators approved the indoor smoking ban 18 months ago, deliberately setting a long lead time so businesses could prepare. The new law expands upon a 2001 ban and prohibits smoking at all indoor work sites. Smoking will not be allowed outside within 10 feet of doors or windows. Motels and hotels must designate at least 75 percent of their rooms as nonsmoking.

The new law does not apply to tribal establishments, such as casinos or restaurants. Businesses can be fined up to $500 a day and $2,000 a month by the state Department of Human Services for violating the law.

State officials say that at least two-thirds of affected businesses already prohibit smoking.

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