Ontario to outlaw candy flavored cigars..

December 4, 2008 - The legislation to ban flavored cigarillos, which was co-sponsored by Liberal backbencher Dave Levac and New Democrat France Gelinas, was approved in near record time (being introduced on Thursday, 11/27/2008), especially considering that private member's bills rarely become law in Ontario.

The bill to outlaw flavored cigarillos and require that non-flavored cigarillos be sold in packages of 20 passed unanimously in a voice vote Thursday, 12/4/2008 but is not expected to be proclaimed into law for another few months.

Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best said it's clear that tobacco companies are targeting young people by selling cigarillos in 21 flavors, including peach and cherry, for just $1 each in 21 flavours, including peach and cherry, for just $1 each in colourful packaging designed to appeal to kids.

"Anything that prevents kids from lighting up in the first place is a good thing," Best said. "And I believe that these cigarillos are indeed something that is very troublesome."

Reference: Ontario passes private member's bill to outlaw candy-flavored cigarillos, by Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, 12/4/2008.

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