Boston - NO Tobacco Products Sold - Pharmacies/College Campuses..

February 9, 2009 - Beginning today Monday, February 9, 2009 college campus stores and pharmacies, including those inside supermarkets, must remove tobacco products from their shelves. The ban comes after the Boston Public Health Commission approved the restrictions last year.

The board also closed loopholes in Boston’s 2002 workplace smoking ban by restricting smoking in outdoor adjacent areas. In addition, the board banned new smoking bars, such as hookah and cigar bars, and gave current smoking bars 10 years to remain open. Cigarette sales at Boston drugstores and on college campuses would be banned under sweeping new tobacco control rules likely to win initial approval today from health regulators.

Pharmacies are not expected to take a financial hit with the new measure coming into place as cigarettes account for a mere one to three percent of sales. CVS and Walgreens have the largest number of pharmacies in Boston and both the chains have said they will comply with the new rules.

With the passage of the country's first tobacco-free pharmacy law, San Francisco has lead the way in recognizing that cigarettes and pharmacies don't mix. The San Francisco ban has survived an initial round of court challenges. Walgreens and Phillip Morris both requested injunctions to stop enforcement of San Francisco's ban on selling tobacco products in pharmacies. Both challenges were rejected and tobacco products disappeared from the city's pharmacy shelves last October 1, 2008.

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As stated, on October 1, 2008 San Francisco became the first U.S. city to ban tobacco sales at drug stories, saying selling cigarettes was out of place in stores devoted to health care products. Audit trail of events: San Francisco - Judge threw out a Walgreens attempt to stop the ban of tobacco sales in pharmacies..; Philip Morris appeals tobacco ban at San Francisco pharmacies..; Federal Judge Denies Bid To Stop San Francisco Pharmacy Tobacco Ban..; Philip Morris USA request stop in San Francisco's ban on tobacco sales by pharmacies..; San Francisco - cigarette sales rise sharply in c-stores..; San Francisco files brief to oppose bid by PM USA to block the banning of tobacco sales in pharmacies..; Philip Morris challenges San Francisco pharmacy tobacco ban..; Walgreen: San Francisco’s Tobacco Ban Is Unfair..; San Francisco - All Tobacco Products Banned in All Pharmacies..; San Francisco critical vote - bar tobacco sales pharmacies.. and SAN FRANCISCO Ban on tobacco at drug stores sought...

Congratulations to the Boston Public Health Commission in attempting to improve the health of people living and working in the city of Boston.