New South Wales won't use "separation" anti-tobacco ad..

April 7, 2007 New South Wales health officials have decided against using a controversial anti-smoking advertisement launched by Quit Victoria last November 2008 - ad has polarised parents and commentators.

The "Separation" TV commercial features a young boy crying after he loses his mother in a crowd. Quit Victoria anti-smoking ad draws controversy..

The voice-over then delivers the message to parents: How upset would your child be if they lost you forever to a smoking-related death?

New South Wales has introduced -sweeping anti-tobacco measures..

Extra - New South Wales is Australias most populated state with over 6.2 million inhabitants. Queensland celebrates 150 years of independence from New South Wales on 10 December 2009.

Reference: 'Separation' anti-smoking ad deemed too distressing, Daily Telegraph, 4/7/2009.