C-store update: from Light, Ultra-lights to Colors; etc..

June 7, 2009 -

Some cigarette makers have started to change the names of some of their cigarettes, e.g., R.J. Reynolds investment (growth) brand Pall Mall. This is because many Light and Ultra Light smokers falsely believe that smoking these cigarettes impart a substantial health benefit, due in part to their experience that these cigarettes are less harsh and the belief that these cigarettes deliver less tar. Tobacco companies have designed their cigarettes and their cigarette packaging and marketing to perpetuate this deception.

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Pall Mall Lights = Pall Mall Blues
Pall Mall Full Flavor = Pall Mall Red
Pall Mall Ultra Light = Pall Mall Orange

Here's another example: Capri (Light = Magenta, Menthol Light = Menthol Indigo) is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by R.J. Reynold targeting women.

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Camel brands have not been changed yet either has any Lorillard's cigarettes such as Newport and Marlboro brands have not been changed.

Marlboro Medium and Marlboro 72's have been marked down $1.00 per pack.

R.J. Reynolds has boosted the price of Pall Mall - remember Susan Ivey, CEO Reynolds American strategy was to discount the product to get people to buy the product (they call it "pulse promotion") and then jack-up the price when you have smokers locked in.

Philip Morris' 100 Days of Flavor promotion:

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Don't forget the promotion period for Marlboro Menthol Blend #54 starts on June 17th..

EXTRA Share of Marlboro New Products Since 1990..

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For those tobacco history buffs..
L&M Cigarettes - are now a Philip Morris product and are very popular on the world scene in the medium price range. Philip Morris changed the meaning of L&M from Liggett & Myers (the original manufacturer who also made Chesterfield cigarettes..) to "Love the Moment."

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