UAE - with new law e-cigarettes may face ban..

January 25, 2010 - With the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) new anti-tobacco laws in place will e-cigarettes per banned?? A shipment of e-cigarettes, which arrived at the Dubai International Airport, was blocked by Dubai Customs following a ban enforced by the Ministry of Health. The ministry had banned the battery-powered product last week after tests revealed that it could be hazardous to people’s health. (Dubai, UAE customs blocks e-cigarette shipment..)

Dr Wedad al Maidour, the head of the country’s Tobacco Control Committee, said the answer should come in March, though she doubted e-cigarette users would be immune from the rules that ban people from lighting up in public. Dr Maidour said a recent ruling in the US allowing imports should have no bearing in the UAE, which stopped e-cigarette shipments several months ago. She said she was aware that pharmacies and local vendors were still selling the products illegally.

Redha Salman, the director of public health and safety at Dubai Municipality, said that anyone caught selling the products within the Emirates should recognise they are breaking the law. “This is settled. It’s a banned item and we don’t allow this to be sold commercially,” he said yesterday.

Safety concerns: E-cigarettes - scientists want more safety studies before use..

Reference: E-cigarette smokers may also face ban, Matt Kwong,, 1/22/2010.

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