Philippines - Tanauan City names street Philip Morris..

February 24, 2010 - A nongovernmental health group has taken the Tanauan City (in the province of Batangas) government to task for naming one of its streets after the American cigarette brand Philip Morris, which it described as a “product that has consistently contributed to 10 Filipino deaths a day.”

Quezon City-based Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP) threatened to sue Tanauan Mayor Sonia Torres-Aquino and members of the Sangguniang Bayan for giving the street that name.

The Tanauan City council recently passed a resolution naming a roadway in Barangay Pantay Bata “Philip Morris Street” in appreciation of the tobacco company’s “support for the town.”

The city hosts Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc., Philip Morris International’s only factory in the country.

In a statement yesterday, FCAP executive director Maricar Limpin said “putting up a street sign bearing the name of a cigarette brand was not only a violation of an existing law, but was utterly unmindful and insensitive to the health of Tanauan folk.”

To do so “would be a blatant violation of Republic Act No. 9211, the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2007, and a betrayal of the trust reposed on you by your constituents.”

Reference: City hit for naming street after cigarette by Jerry E. Esplanada, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2/24/2010.

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