Jakarta, Indonesia - Singer Kelly Clarkson will she perfom concert sponsored by major tobacco company..

April 19, 2010 - America's singing sweetheart Kelly Clarkson is set to perform in Tennis Indoors Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 29 April 2010.

Unfortunately the concert is being sponsored and promoted by the cigarette brand Djarum LA Lights.

The tobacco industry has long used sponsorship of concerts popular with young people as a way to promote their deadly product to youth. Unfortunately, Indonesia has few laws to protect its youth from this type of harmful tobacco marketing. Recently, the US banned tobacco sponsorships of entertainment events, so why is an American entertainer accepting tobacco sponsorships in another country?

Alicia Keys, 10-times Grammy-winning artist refused to perform a concert in Indonesia unless the tobacco company withdrew sponsorship.

Comment from: Jennifer Jordan Calhoun - Kelly, Our kids face enough pressure without adding tobacco to the mix. Please stand firm against tobacco and be a great role model by not accepting tobacco sponsorship of your Indonesian tour.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest country is a “cash cow” for the tobacco industry. With 63 percent of its men smoking - tobacco companies like Djarum maker of L.A. Lights aren't satisfied they want more smokers. (Indonesia - last paradise to smoke in public places in Southeast Asia..; Indonesia - a paradise for tobacco companies..) Children between the ages of 4 and 9 made up about 1.9 percent of Indonesia’s total population of smokers. (Indonesia - parents encourage 4-year old boy to continue smoking habit..)

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