California - governor vetoes propose ban on smoking at state beaches and parks..

May 4, 2010 - In a move certain to disappoint those who care about the environmental condition of the Golden State´s world famous coasts and mountains, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today vetoed a proposed statewide ban on smoking at state beaches and parks.

Notorious for enjoying a macho stogie in his own private tent, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger went against the grain this week and vetoed what would have been a landmark bill banning smoking in state parks and beaches, the first such sweeping prohibition among the 50 states. California smokers can breathe — and cough, retch, spew and hack — a little easier.

Realistically, the celebration will be short-lived. It’s only a matter of time until a new governor is elected and the anti-smoking legislation becomes law. Tobacco addicts know which way the secondhand smoke is blowing. Their days of lighting up in the open air are numbered.

The Terminator gives California smokers a break by Logan Jenkins,, 5/6/2010.

"I´m sorry the governor did not agree with this widely supported effort to increase public awareness about the environmental threats carelessly tossed cigarettes are doing to our marine life and to the great outdoors," the sponsor of the bill, Sen. Jenny Oropeza, D-Long Beach, said afterward. "In addition to the clear environmental, fire safety and health reasons sought to be addressed under SB 4, the governor´s veto is in stark contrast to what is already being done at more than 100 local cities and counties statewide."

Senate Bill 4 called for a $100 fine on those cited for smoking at state beaches and parks.

The Legislature had approved SB 4, the No Smoking at State Parks and Beaches Act, after nearly four years of intensive legislative efforts.

More than 50 groups and organizations supported Oropeza´s bill, including the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and Torrance, as well as state firefighters, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups.

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Reference: Governor vetoes proposed ban on smoking at state beaches and parks, California Chronicle, 5/4/2010.

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