PMUSA store sign Marlboro 'New Look Same Famous Flavor"..

June 19, 2010 -

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Pertaining to news brief of Friday, June 18th..
FDA CTR - demanding that PM USA turn over research on how consumers are reacting to changes in the Marlboro Lights package.. From a statement by Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. According to a letter the FDA sent to Philip Morris today, June 17th the company has attached "onserts" to its Marlboro Lights packs that state, "Your Marlboro Lights pack is changing. But your cigarette stays the same. In the future, ask for 'Marlboro in the gold pack.'"

We have not been able to find the "onserts" that the FDA describes in any c-stores that we monitor. We have found the sign above in a couple of grocery stores but not at any c-stores.

We have been informed that the "onserts" have be found on packs of Marlboro cigarettes in the Boston, MA area.