Banning smoking a public health issue not property rights..

June 11, 2007 - Banning tobacco smoking in public places is a public health issue and not a property rights or business rights issue. Take for example Wyatt Clark from Ferndale, MI.. When 6-year old Wyatt is exposed to secondhand cigarettes smoke, his asthma can get triggered so badly that he is rushed to the emergency room. He cannot go bowling because of the smoke. Restaurants that serve his favorite food, Coney Island hot dogs, often are off limits, too. "If he's exposed to any cigarette smoke, he literally will turn blue and start gasping and is unable to breathe," says his mother, Teresa Clark. Why should others suffer if a tobacco smoker chooses to continue to abuse his body.. (Lawmakers to debate smoking ban in bars, restaurants, David Eggert, The Associated Press, 6/11/2007.) Study confirms smoke-free laws reduce heart attacks. (