Japan doing everything possible to normalize its supply systems as quickly as possible..

April 2, 2011 -
Japan Tobacco Inc said today (Apr 1) that it was doing everything possible to normalize its supply systems as quickly as possible.

A week ago it was forced to announce that it was limiting the number of products it supplied and temporarily withholding product shipments within Japan. (Japan - Japan Tobacco to halt shipments..)

But today the company said it was increasing production of a small product range at its four factories in the western half of Japan: Tokai, Hamamatsu, Kansai and Kyushu.

It said it planned to resume shipments from April 11 of seven products: Mild Seven, Mild Seven One, Mild Seven One 100's Box, Seven Stars, Caster One 100's, Cabin Mild Box, and Echo.

And it said it was planning to gradually increase both the range of products to be shipped and the shipment volume after April 11, and to start shipping out 25 key products from mid-May.

The company issued also updates on its pharmaceuticals and food businesses, which have both suffered some disruption following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

And it made the point that the activities of Japan Tobacco International had not been affected.

Reference: JTI Names Products to be Shipped From April 11 Source from: Tobacco Reporter, 4/2/201.

Lung Cancer Study Finds Mentholated Cigarettes No More Harmful Than Regular Cigarettes..

March 27, 2011

The critical issue - we must alter the menthol concentration so cigarettes will not be so appealing to young smokers..

Menthol Cigarettes - alter the menthol concentration so cigarettes will not be so appealing to young smokers..; U.S. FDA for our children must limit the availability of menthol cigarettes..

Smokers of mentholated cigarettes are no more likely to develop lung cancer than other smokers, according to a new, very large, prospective study of black and white smokers published online March 23 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In fact, contrary to a popular hypothesis, menthol smokers in this study had a somewhat lower risk of developing and dying from lung cancer than non-menthol smokers.

Lung cancer rates are higher among blacks than whites, and use of mentholated cigarettes, also higher among blacks, has been suggested as a possible explanation. Some studies have raised the possibility that menthol influences smoking behavior, causing deeper inhalation for instance, or that it increases dependency or affects the biology of the lung. Others have suggested that menthol makes it harder to quit smoking.

PAPER: Lung Cancer Risk Among Smokers of Menthol Cigarettes
William J. Blot ((e-mail: blotw@iei.us), Sarah S. Cohen, Melinda Aldrich, Joseph K. McLaughlin, Margaret K. Hargreaves, Lisa B. Signorello, JNCI Vol. 103, Issue 10, 2011, ABSTRACT/ Full TEXT..

Lung cancer rates are higher among blacks than whites, and use of mentholated cigarettes, also higher among blacks, has been suggested as a possible explanation. Some studies have raised the possibility that menthol influences smoking behavior, causing deeper inhalation for instance, or that it increases dependency or affects the biology of the lung. Others have suggested that menthol makes it harder to quit smoking.

To explore these issues, William J. Blot, Ph.D., of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, Tenn., and the International Epidemiology Institute, Rockville, Md., and colleagues conducted a prospective study among 85,806 people enrolled in the Southern Community Cohort Study, an ongoing multiracial study in 12 southern states. Within this cohort, they identified 440 lung cancer patients and compared them with 2,213 matched controls (other people in the study with the same demographics, such as race, age, and sex, but without lung cancer).

They found that menthol cigarettes were associated with a lower lung cancer incidence and fewer lung cancer deaths than regular cigarettes. For instance among people smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day, menthol smokers were about 12 times more likely to have lung cancer than never-smokers while non-menthol smokers were about 21 times more likely to have the disease. The differences were statistically significant.

Reference: Lung Cancer Study Finds Mentholated Cigarettes No More Harmful Than Regular Cigarettes, NCI,3/23/2011.

Alberta - pressured not to left alone ban smoking in cars with kids present..

Directly related news briefs:

January 30, 2011 Alberta - only two provinces left that do not ban smoking in cars with children..)

January 30, 2011 - Alberta Liberal leader Dr. David Swann, a family physician, is planning to introduce a motion in the Legislative Assembly during the spring sitting to make changes to the Tobacco Reduction Act that would make it illegal for adults to smoke in vehicles while children under the age of 16 are present. (The Spring sitting of the 4th Session of the 27th Legislature will begin at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.)

January 20, 2011 - Canadian Cancer Society - wants Alberta and all other remaining provinces/territories to ban smoking in cars with children..

"It's unfortunate to see Alberta falling behind on tobacco when even our neighbours, British Columbia (B.C.) and Saskatchewan, have moved forward with legislation," said Ashley Jensen, the cancer society's regional community engagement co-ordinator. "This is about protecting kids from preventable death, disease and disability." British Columbia (B.C.) brought in regulations in 2009 and Saskatchewan in 2010.

An anti-tobacco group, Action on Smoking and health, is urging the Alberta government to introduce legislation to ban smoking in vehicles when children are present. Newfoundland passed such a law on Thursday leaving Alberta and Quebec as the only provinces where smoking is still allowed inside vehicles carrying kids. Les Hagen with Action on Smoking and Health says that's a health hazard because as little as one smoke can generate as much smoke as a smokey bar. He says children are at particular risk because they breathe faster and their immune systems are still developing. Hagen says a recent poll shows almost 90 percent of Albertans would support a similar ban.

Some more supporting news briefs:

A few related news briefs:
Smoking in a car, even if window is open, exposes a child to dangerous levels of poisonous particles..;
This is a FACT: Children's exposure to second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially in cars..;
United Kingdom - head GP physician calls smoking in front of children "child abuse"..;
Senior British Doctors demand banning smoking in vehicles when children are present..;
More evidence - vehicles most dangerous space for second-hand smoke inhalation..;
Vehicles Most Dangerous Space for Second-Hand Smoke Levels...

References: a href="http://www.edmontonsun.com/news/alberta/2011/04/01/17845606.html">Anti-smoking group wants smoking ban in vehicles with kids"> by FRANK LANDRY Legislature Bureau, edmontonsun.com, 4/1/2011; Group calls for ban on smoking in cars Kelly Turner, AM770, 4/1/2011.

Some Alberta related news briefs:
Alberta - only two provinces left that do not ban smoking in cars with children..;
Canadian Cancer Society - wants Alberta and all other remaining provinces/territories to ban smoking in cars with children..:
Leduc, Alberta , Canada - bans smoking in cars with kids, takes effect July 2, 2011..;
lberta, Canada - family of anti-smoking activists wants her photo on cigarette packs..;
Alberta, Canada - lawsuit against big tobacco should be filed within a year..;
Alberta - government is not planning to finance medications to help people quit smoking..;
Alberta - tobacco banned in pharmacies and grocery stores..;
Alberta tobacco reduction strategy is working..;
Smoking rampant among pregnant women in Alberta..;

Conflict Exists With the Acceptance of Tobacco Industry Money..

duMaurier SNUS - Comments Regarding Smokeless Tobacco from Dave Hancock, Minister of Health & Wellness, Province of Alberta, Canada..
duMaurier SNUS - Edmonton, Alberta - Imperial Tobacco Canada..; We need more tobacco like a hole in the head - the world does not need: smokeless, chewless and spitless tobacco.;
Tighten restrictions on all tobacco advertising..

VIDEO - South Carolina bill to ban smoking in cars with kids present..

April 2, 2011 - A bill that would ban smoking in your vehicle when children are in a car seat is being debated at the Statehouse. The bill was introduced by (D) Sen. Darrell Jackson after he saw a woman smoking with children in the car at a shopping center.

Child safety seats are required in South Carolina for children 6 and under or up to 80 pounds. If the bill were to become law, a fine of $25 could be issued for a violation.

A few related news briefs:
Columbia, South Carolina - with smoking ban in place more cigarette butts can be found..;
Smoking in a car, even if window is open, exposes a child to dangerous levels of poisonous particles..;
This is a FACT: Children's exposure to second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially in cars..;
United Kingdom - head GP physician calls smoking in front of children "child abuse"..;
Senior British Doctors demand banning smoking in vehicles when children are present..;
More evidence - vehicles most dangerous space for second-hand smoke inhalation..;
Vehicles Most Dangerous Space for Second-Hand Smoke Levels...

We spoke with Dianne Wilson, the Exe. Dir. Of the South Carolina African American Tobacco Control Network. She says the bill is a good start, but it doesn't go far enough. She says the bill should cover all kids, not just those up to 6 years old.

Bruce Bates lives in Dorchester. He says while he is not a smoker, he doesn't support the bill. He says as long as smoking is legal, the government should not restrict where citizens can smoke.

Link to Senate Bill - http://www.scstatehouse.gov/cgi-bin/query.exe?first=DOC&querytext=3202&category=Legislation&session=119&conid=6337823&result_pos=0&keyval=1193202

Link to House Bill - http://www.scstatehouse.gov/cgi-bin/query.exe?first=DOC&querytext=292&category=Legislation&session=119&conid=6337826&result_pos=0&keyval=1190292

Reference: SC bill to ban smoking in cars with children by Newsroom, counton2.com, 3/30/2011.

Some South Carolina news briefs:
South Carolina - cigarette tax raised 50 cents to 57 cents/pack..;
South Carolina - House overrides governor's veto of tobacco tax..;
South Carolina - governor vetoes bill to raise tobacco tax..;
South Carolina - tobacco tax increase bill goes to governor..;
South Carolina - state senate could send 50-cent cigarette tax increase to governor soon..;
South Carolina - senators try to write bill on cigarette tax increase to override Governor Sanford's veto..;
South Carolina - increase in cigarette tax still NOT likely..;
South Carolina - cigarette tax, State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex speaks up..;
South Carolina - among the worst states in the nation in smoking prevention efforts..;
South Carolina - among the worst states in the nation in smoking prevention efforts..;
South Carolina - most residents support raising the tobacco tax..;
South Carolina - with Gov. Sanford still in office most likely no tobacco tax increase in 2010..;
South Carolina - low cigarette pricing, smuggling, higher insurance premiums, etc..;
Lexington County, South Carolina has a workplace smoking ban..;
South Carolina - governor disappears, maybe its time to slip through a cigarette tax..;
South Carolina - next legislative session starts June 16th..;
South Carolina - lawmakers may disappoint again on cigarette tax increase..;
SC tobacco tax increase - doubt exists maybe NOT this year..;
South Carolina - can we expect a tobacco tax increase this year??;
South Carolina a magnet for cigarette black market..;
South Carolina - legislators eager to pass cigarette tax increase - the odds are against them??;
South Carolina to spend NO money on tobacco prevention..;
South Carolina (SC) will NOT devote any resources to anti-smoking programs..;
In 2008 will the politicians do what's right for the State of South Carolina??;
South Carolina - Tobacco Tax Increase Killed - State House Fails to Override Governor's Veto..
Tobacco Tax Increase – What’s Wrong with South Carolina??;?

New York drastic cuts in State Tobacco Control Program..

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2011/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: The New York Assembly has protected the tobacco industry at the expense of New York's kids and taxpayers by pushing for a budget agreement that decimates funding for the state's highly successful Tobacco Control Program. This is a truly penny-wise, pound-foolish decision that will cost New York a high price in health, lives and tobac While these are tough budget times, it makes no sense to destroy a program that is saving lives and saving money and that has already been severely cut. If the new cuts are adopted, New York will have cut funding by more than half for programs proven to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit. Instead of taking out the hatchet, New York should be spending more of the $2 billion the state it collects each year in tobacco settlement payments and tobacco taxes to fund this vital program. With these cuts, New York will be spending less than two percent of its tobacco money to fight the tobacco problem. Even with the success of New York State's tobacco prevention efforts, there is still a great deal of work to do. The sad reality is that 25,400 New Yorkers die annually from smoking- related disease, and more than 24,100 New York kids become regular smokers each year. New Yorkers will pay a high price because the Assembly has abdicated its responsibility to fight the state's number one cause of preventable death.

The American Cancer Society is fuming over the Assembly’s proposal to cut the Tobacco Control Program funding, which finances efforts like anti-smoking ads, from $58.4 million to $41.4 million. They say that’s less than 50% of what funding was in the 2007-08 fiscal year. a href="/news-releases/deep-cut-to-new-yorks-acclaimed-tobacco-prevention-program-benefits-tobacco-industry-at-kids-expense-118876704.html">Cancer Society: A good day for tobacco lobbyists X2, Rick Karlin, Cancr Sicity, Capitol bureau 3/29/2011.

The American Lung Association in New York today condemned the $17 million cut to the New York state Tobacco Control Program included in the budget agreement announced by state legislative leaders Lung Association Condemns Massive Cut to Tobacco Control Program Budget Cut Will Impair Program’s Ability to Protect Our Kids and Reach NYers Who Want to Quit

Reference: Deep Cut to New York's Acclaimed Tobacco Prevention Program Benefits Tobacco Industry at Kids' Expense, SOURCE Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, PR Newwswire, 3/29/2011.

New York State - C-Store Industry Wins Tobacco Fee Rollback..

April 1, 2011 - ALBANY, N.Y. -- "The tobacco registration fee nightmare that has haunted New York convenience store operators for the past two years is over," said James Calvin, president of the New York Association of Convenience Stores (NYACS). In the new state budget being adopted this week by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature, the astronomical fee hike enacted in 2009 is being rolled back to a more modest level.

Related news briefs:
March 23, 2010 - New York State - retailers win freeze on higher tobacco registration fees..;
March 2, 2009 New York State - Fee to sell tobacco may climb..

The increase would have taken the fee from $100 per store per year to either $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000, depending on total gross sales--"a cynical ploy hatched by public health advocates to force 40% of the state's tobacco retailers out of the tobacco trade," he said.

NYACS and three other retail associations filed a legal challenge, however, obtaining a court order temporarily freezing the fee at $100 pending a final decision, which is still being awaited. With so much at stake, NYACS and its allies said that rather than risking losing the case, they should pursue the certainty of legislative action rolling back the fee. These negotiations produced agreement to set the fee at $300 per store per year, which was scheduled to be approved Friday day by the state senate and assembly as part of the 2011-12 state budget.

The $300 fee is retroactive to 2010. That means stores that paid $100 for 2010 and $100 for 2011 will now owe $200 more for each of those two years. Payment of the full $300 for calendar 2012 will be due on September 20, 2011. Thus, some stores will incur a one-time hit of $700 during 2011. But the alternative was a one-time "whack" of $2,800 to $14,800, depending on gross sales, if the court were to reinstate the higher fee schedule.

"The $300-a-year compromise may not be the perfect solution, but it gives the majority of our retail members the chance to remain in the all-important tobacco category without paying a king's ransom every year," said Calvin.

Retailers who in September 2009 sent in their 2010 renewal application with the higher fee amount before the restraining order was issued, will receive a refund or credit from the state tax department for the excess amount, NYACS said.

NYACS was joined in the lawsuit by the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association, the New York State Association of Service Stations & Repair Shops and the United 7-Eleven Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York.

Reference: N.Y. C-Store Industry Wins Tobacco Fee Rollback
State budget rolls back "astronomical" increase to "more modest level"
, CSP Daily News, 4/2/2011

April 4-5 Delhi to host national consultation on smokeless tobacco..

April 1, 2011 - A two-day national consultation will be held here April 4-5 in Delhi by the ministry of health and family welfare in association with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) to highlight the growing use of tobacco products other than cigarettes.
A statement released Tuesday said that as per the recent Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) India Report, the current use of smokeless tobacco among adult males in India is as high as 32.9 percent and for females it is 18.4 percent. Overall, 26 percent of the adult population consumes smokeless type of tobacco. (India - govt releases results of GAT Survey..)

Smokeless tobacco products include gutka, gkhaini and pan masala — all chewing tobacco products.

In the break-up of the state-wise consumption, Bihar scores the highest, 49 percent, while Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Goa scored the least, at five percent, the statement added.

“Youth is also a vulnerable group to smokeless tobacco use. Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS)-India, 2009, revealed that 12.5 percent youth – 16.2 percent boys and 7.2 percent girls – used tobacco products other than cigarettes. The situation is alarming when the report says school going children aged 13-15 years, across 132 countries, were more likely to use non-cigarette tobacco products,” the statement said.

As per the GATS India report, khaini is the most common chewing tobacco product used in India. The statement said that use of tobacco, other than cigarettes and bidis (leaf rolled cigarettes), is high in the northeastern region and states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa.

Smokeless Tobacco Use by State..Click to enlarge.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 50 percent of cancer cases among men and 25 percent among women in India are related to tobacco use.

“The two-day consultation with relevant stakeholders is expected to bring out recommendation aiming at strategies to regulate use of smokeless tobacco in India and Southeast Asia region,” the statement said.

Reference: Delhi to host national consultation on smokeless tobacco, Bio Scholar. Indian Health, 3/31/2011.

India - some related news briefs:
*India - main opposition party leader calls for a complete ban on tobacco..;
*Mumbai, India - BEST committee to monitor to prevent tobacco advertisement;
*India State of Goa - stop sale of loose cigarettes and raise tobacco taxes..;
*Chandigarh, India - a leader in tobacco control..;
*India - Cancer docs take tobacco battle inside parliament..;
*India - 80% of teenagers in metropolitan cities are addicted to smoking cigarettes..;
*India - despite govt ban, sale and advertising of tobacco products is rampant around educational institutions..;
*India - foreign cigarette companies could soon find it harder to sell their products..;
*Maharashtra, India - collecting fines from anti-tobacco drive..;
*India - health ministry formulating policy that is smokeless tobacco specific..;
*India - celebs shy away from endorsing tobacco and liquor..;
*Mumbai, India - students campaign to spread word on the dangers of tobacco products..;
*India - cigarette/bidis companies resume tobacco production..;
*India - will delay for a year the use of scarier pictorial warnings on cigarette and bidi packs..;
*India - cigarettes and bidis manufacturers halt production seek clarification on pictorial health warnings..;
*India - Tobacco Board warns farmers against planting unauthorized crop..;
*India - revised pictorial warnings on tobacco products will be implemented from December 1, 2010..;
*India - captions with pictorial warnings should use local languages..:
*India - pictorial warning will appear on every tobacco pack sold from June 1, 2010..;
*India - government set to ban foreign direct investment in tobacco..;
*India - despite tobacco control measure in place - tobacco sales increase..;
*India - still confusion pictorial warnings on cigarette packs..;
*Mumbai, India - NGO activists want closure of hookah bars..;
*India - gutkha and bidi companies NOT pictorial warnings..;
*India - cigarette packs with pictorial warnings are here..; *India - NO graphic pictorial warnings yet..;
*India - Still no pictorial warnings on cigarette packs..;
*India - pictorial warning on cigarettes and tobacco products effective May 31, 2009..;
*India - pictorial warning on cigarettes and tobacco products will be implemented from May 31 - no doubts about it..;
*India - will pictorial or graphic health warnings be implemented from May 30, 2009..;
*India - placing pictorial warnings on tobacco products delayed again...

World anti tobacco day May 31, 2010 - Photos Women Smoking in India..

Scotland - Tobacco Retailing Registration begins 1st April 2011..

Directly related news brief:
Scotland - starting, must register if you are going to sell tobacco products..

If you want to continue to sell cigarettes, licensees must register their premises by the 1st of October at the very latest when new legislation will take effect. Anyone selling tobacco in Scotland will be required to sign up to the Scottish Government’s Tobacco Register which will come into operation on the 1st of April.

Under the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010, retailers must register to sell cigarettes and already some retailers have been posted registration packs, including some pubs and hotels, but not all.

The packs give information on how to register and also include a selection of signs for staff and customers that can be displayed within premises.

The ability to register, which will not commence until the 1st of April, will be straightforward and free. Retailers will be able to sign up to the register either online a www.tobaccoregisterscotland.org or by requesting a form from Trading Standards within each Council area. Notices/Singage will also be available for retailers to display in their premises. Retailers will then have until October 1 to complete the registration process. After this date, it will be illegal for retailers to sell tobacco products if they are not registered and could face fines of up to £20,000 and a possible maximum prison sentence of six months.

From the 1st of April, it will also be an offence for

* anyone under 18 to buy or attempt to buy tobacco products or cigarette papers

* anyone under 18 who is in possession of tobacco products or cigarette papers in a public place failing to comply with a request from the police to surrender these items or to supply a name and address

* anyone 18 or over to buy tobacco products on behalf of anyone under 18.

Reference: Tobacco Retailing Registration 1st April 2011, theslta.co.uk,

Scotland - some related news briefs:
Scotland - starting, must register if you are going to sell tobacco products..:
Scotland - Five years of the public smoking ban..;
Scotland - DRINKING, drug use and smoking among schoolchildren have fallen to the lowest level in two decades..;
Scotland - Alcohol and Tobacco Policy Summit, March 15, 2011, Edinburgh..;
Scotland - politicians and staff at Holyrood can smoke only at designated area..;
Smoking in a car, even if window is open, exposes a child to dangerous levels of poisonous particles..;
Scotland - plain cigarette packaging - may take the lead in tobacco control..;
Scotland - Lady Dr. Eileen Crofton a leading anti-smoking campaigner and health advocate dies at 91..;
Scotland - ASH publishes recommendations for a new Scottish tobacco control strategy..;
Scotland - approximtely one-third have quit smoking when being paid to do so..;
Scotland - Imperial Tobacco loses attempt to overturn ban on cigarette displays and removal of vending machines..;
Scotland - mainly shopkeepers oppose tobacco display ban..;
Scotland - smoking ban produced benefits for people (i.e., children) who are not exposed to occupational tobacco smoke..;
Scotland - 90% of Scots back law that prosecutes adults for buying cigarettes for children..;
Scotland, Grampian Region - latest word, NHS Grampian hospital smoking clampdown delayed..;
Scotland - bribing people to live a healthy lifestyle..;
Scotland - Imperial Tobacco in legal action to stop ban on cigarette displays and vending machine removal..;
Scotland - tobacco industry says massive increase in illegal cigarettes..;
PAPER: Scotland Unhealthy risk factors those with lack of education/ low income..;
Scotland - renewing efforts to stop pregnant women from smoking..;
Scotland - cigarette smoking quit attempts increase by 35%..;
Scotland - retailers can provide input on future to ban the display of tobacco..;
Scotland - campaigners want more to be done to protect young people from passive smoking..;
Scotland - government no plans to ban smoking in cars and public places used by children..;
Scotland - smokers will be banned from fostering or adopting children, comments from Professor Banzhaf..;
Scotland - parliament votes to ban retail cigarette displays and vending machines..;
Scotland - health minister urges smokers to quit..;
Scotland - some men beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle and therefore living longer..;
Scotland - self-reporting of smoking by pregnant women underestimates true number of pregnant smokers..;
Scotland - tobacco firms claim proposed display ban is unnecessary..;
"Glasgow effect" - prevalence of cigarette smoking impact on poor health..;
Scotland - tobacco industry will try to stop attempts to curb sales to young people..;
Scotland - cigarette vending machines removal..;
Scottish politicans most have the courage to protect the health of their constituents..;
Scotland - small businesses given extra 2-years to remove tobacco displays..;
Northern Ireland - assembly approves ban on display of tobacco items..;
Scotland to ban cigarette displays and outlaw cigarette vending machines..;
Bar workers who smoke also benefit from smoking ban..;
17 countries in the world ban indoor smoking - ENFORCEMENT..;
England, Wales to ban tobacco displays in shops..;
Definite Health Benefits of Smoking Bans..;
Northern Ireland raising age for sale of tobacco from 16 to 18 joining the other three United Kingdom (UK) countries..;
Scotland proposes to implement more measures to discourage tobacco use including the banning of tobacco displays..;
Raise Age to 21 to Purchase Tobacco Products...

(United Kingdom)

Saskatchewan - Pharmacies banned from selling tobacco starting April 1, 2011..

March 31, 2011 - New regulations aimed at reducing tobacco use in the province come into effect April 1, 2011. Starting Thursday, the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products will no longer be allowed in pharmacies.

The ban also extends to retail stores that have a pharmacy located within the store or if customers can access the area where tobacco or tobacco-related products are sold.

“Pharmacists play an important role in promoting good health in the community, through education and encouraging healthy lifestyle practices,” said Health Minister Don McMorris, adding that the “focus on health conflicts with selling a product that is known to cause significant health problems.”

According to Dawn Martin, Executive Director of the Pharmacists’ Association of Canada, most pharmacists currently don’t sell tobacco and the legislation ensures pharmacies will “continue to be consistently recognized as trusted places to go for help and advice on medications and healthy lifestyle choices.”

The ban on tobacco sales in pharmacies is part of the Building a Healthier Saskatchewan strategy to reduce tobacco use and to help people quit smoking.

The fine for selling tobacco in prohibited places is $500.

Refereence: Pharmacies banned from selling tobacco starting April 1, 2011, David Giles, Global Saskatoon, 3/31/2011.

Saskatchewan - some related news briefs:
Saskatchewan, Canada - ban on smoking in cars with child passengers now in force..:
Saskatchewan, Canada - tobacco tax increase begining April 1, 2010..;
Saskatchewan - proposed legislation to ban people from smoking in cars carrying kids plus..;
Saskatchewan - stores mull options on tobacco law..;
Saskatchewan - new anti-tobacco legislation expected soon..;
Saskatchewan - new anti-tobacco legislation expected soon..;
Tobacco displays are on their way out in an increasing number of countries..;

Bulgaria to Finalize Bulgartabac Privatization in 3 Weeks..

March 31, 2011 - The privatization deal for Bulgaria's state cigarette-maker Bulgartabac Holding,

Emil Karanikolov, head of Bulgaria's Agency for Privatization and Post-Privatization Control told the Bulgarian National Radio Wednesday that the deal is close to being finalized.

"We can't say that the main thing in this privatization deal will be the price. If that was the case, I think that Bulgartabac would have been privatized a long time ago," Karanikolov said, adding that the government has to balance between the price and the social commitments in order not to scare away the investors.

One of the provisions to be included in the future privatization deal currently mulled by the Bulgarian government is prevent the buyer from making a drastic number of layoffs at least in the first 2-3 years, and from renegotiating the labor conditions.

Karanikolov further said the government is considering including clauses for a deadline and volume of buying Bulgarian-grown tobacco.

Bulgaria's state cigarette maker Bulgartabac Holding, which is about to be privatized, completed 2010 with a net profit of BGN 20 M. Bulgartabac's 2010 profit is 16.5 times larger than it was in 2009. The consolidated income from cigarette sales grew 22% year-on-year. In 2010, 80% of the produce of Bulgartabac Holding was exported, compared with 53% in 2009, and only 31% in 2008. (Bulgaria - Bulgartabac 2010 profit 16.5 times larger than it was in 2009..)

In addition to its growing exports, the Bulgartabac Holding Group occupies 37% of the Bulgarian domestic tobacco market. 3.5% of Bulgartabac's income for 2010 came from the sales of tobacco leaves.

The Bulgartabac Holding Group features two cigarette plants – Blagoevgrad-BT and Sofia BT – and a tobacco processing plant, Pleven-BT.

About a dozen strategic and financial investors have declared interest in the privatization of Bulgaria's state cigarette producer Bulgartabac Holding, according to Economy Minister Traicho Traikov. (Bulgaria - about a dozen investors declared interest in the privatization of Bulgartabac Holding..)

Unofficial information reported in the Bulgarian media says that the bidders seeking to purchase Bulgartabac include companies from Bulgaria, Greece, and South Korea.

Bulgartabac, whose state management has been questionable in the recent years, is being put on the privatization table after its privatization has been mulled for years.

In January, Finance Minister Simeon Djankov reiterated earlier announcements that Bulgaria's government is determined to go ahead with the planned sale of the country's tobacco company, the biggest military plant and the minority stakes in electricity distributors.

The Economy Ministry revealed in January that the consultant Citibank has made preliminary inquiries with about 100 potential strategic and financial investors from around the world with respect to Bulgartabac's privatization in order to make sure that all "serious" investors that are not aware of the sale of the Bulgarian cigarette company.

According to the Ministry, there is a sufficient number of companies interested in the privatization of Bulgartabac because it is an attractive asset even in a time of crisis.

The consultant for the Bulgartabac sale, Citigroup Global Markets Ltd, was picked by the Bulgarian government in February 2010. (Bulgaria - Citigroup chosen as consultant for sale of Bulgartabac..)

The two less profitable cigarette plants of Bulgartabac holding – in the cities of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora – were sold in 2009 through the Sofia Stock Exchange – for BGN 31 M and BGN 18 M respectively; the holding still owns the two larger and more consolidated factories in Sofia and Blagoevgrad as well as a number of commercial brands. he holding still owns a number of commercial brands (The most popular domestic brand is Victory.) Two of the less profitable plants of Bulgartabac holding – in the cities of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora – were sold in 2009 on Sofia Stock Exchange. (Bulgaria - investor shows interest in state-owned cigarette monopoly Bulgartabac..)

Bulgaria’s Economy Minister Traicho Traikov has assured that a strategic investor is eyeing the privatization of the state-owned cigarette monopoly Bulgartabac. "There is a strategic investor for Bulgartabac and the bidding will be opened by the end of the autumn,” Traikov disclosed in an interview for Standard daily.

Bulgaria’s Privatization Agency hopes to complete the sale of state-owned cigarette monopoly Bulgartabac in 2010. The privatization procedure has reached a phase in which the state is preparing its sale together with the consultant it picked in February, Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. Citigroup was picked winner after bidding EUR 1.018 million and 1.6% of Bulgartabac’s selling price in case of sale.

Bulgartabac Holding currently operates two cigarette factories compared with nine in 2004 and its market share has shrank to some 40% from 60% a year earlier. The holding still owns a number of commercial brands (The most popular domestic brand is Victory.) Two of the less profitable plants of Bulgartabac holding – in the cities of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora – were sold in 2009 on Sofia Stock Exchange.

Bulgartabac sale is part of Bulgaria’s center-right government plans to angle for strategic investors for key majors, such as the tobacco monopoly and a few energy companies, in which the state owns higher than a 50% stake.

The decision was taken earlier this year after the cabinet was urged to sell on the stock exchange shares in companies, which are part of the Bulgarian Energy Holding, in a bid to put the local capital market back on track.

Reference: Bulgaria to Finalize Bulgartabac Privatization in 3 Weeks, Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency), 3/30/20

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Bulgaria - Mayor of Town of Kyustendil - non-smokers should pay less for health insurance..;
Bulgaria - smoking ban beginning January 1, 2011 - do they know which smoking ban applies??;
Bulgaria - Director of the Customs Agency announced Bulgaria ranks 1st in Europe in seizure of contraband cigarettes..;
Bulgaria - smoking rate down, knowledge of dangers of tobacco use gaining..;
Bulgaria - another tobacco tax increase in the draft 2011 budget..;
Bulgaria - confusion over which public smoking ban is in force..;
Bulgaria - WHO upset with Bulgaria's weakened smoking ban..;
Bulgaria - weakened smoking ban, just added minors can't be in disco clubs after 10pm..;
Bulgaria - final vote delayed on weakened smoking ban..;
Bulgaria - weakened smoking ban, second reading..;
Bulgaria - commission tightens smoking ban a little..;
Bulgaria - Bulgartabac buyer may be chosen by end of year..;
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Bulgaria - finance minister comments may be good news for tobacco farmers..;
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Bulgaria - majority of all Bulgarians - 78% are against the smoking ban delay..;
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Bulgaria - grace period over, increase in tobacco tax starts Thursday, April 1, 2010..;
Bulgaria - Italian authorities arrest 2-Bulgarians smuggling cigarettes..;
Bulgaria - tractor trailer loaded with contraband cigarettes seized in Ancona, Italy..;
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EU percent of adults smokers -highest Greece 1 , Bulgaria 2.. - lowest Slovenia..;
Bulgaria - 1 in 3 youths smoke / half of pregnant women smoke..;
PMI training Bulgarian custom officers to stop cigarette smuggling..;
Philip Morris International (PMI) was truly happy they had been back in the Bulgarian cigarette market for a year and had already had 6.8% of market..;
WHO FCTC Protocol to Prevent Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products Won't Be Completed Until End of 2010..;
WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2008..;
Bulgaria Enters 2009 with Cigarette Prices Hike...
Bulgaria is marking Tuesday, November 10, 2009, the 20th year since the internal coup at the Bulgaria

Jury decides in favor of Philip Morris USA in Engle trial in Clay County..

March 31, 2011 -- A jury today, March 28th decided in favour of Philip Morris USA and RJ Reynolds in the first Engle case to go to trial in Clay County, Florida.In a press release Philip Morris USA said that this verdict marks the seventh win for the company in the last ten Engle cases tried in Florida state courts.

“We believe that, once again, the jury appropriately decided the company was not responsible for the plaintiff’s decision about whether to smoke or when to quit,” said Murray Garnick, Altria Client Services senior vice president and associate general counsel, speaking on behalf of Philip Morris USA. “Although Philip Morris USA won this trial, we continue to believe that the trial courts are violating Florida law and due process by allowing the plaintiffs to rely on general findings from a previous jury with no connection to the specific circumstances of these cases.”

Engle cases are a series of cases allowing individual smokers to sue tobacco companies after the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit in 2006 by the Florida Supreme Court.

Background: In December 2006 the Florida Supreme Court breathed new life into a case against the tobacco industry that had worked its way through the courts since 1994. The case is known as the Engle case (landmark 1994 lawsuit filed by Dr. Howard Engle that produced a $145 billion judgment against cigarette makers six years later). On July 6, 2006, the Florida Supreme Court cleared the path for hundreds of thousands of Florida residents to file individual lawsuits against the nation's largest tobacco manufacturers for injuries sustained from smoking cigarettes. The Court set a strict deadline for injured persons to file a lawsuit: July 6, 2007; which is one year from the date the Court issued its opinion. The Court ruled that individual plaintiffs can use previous jury findings against the tobacco industry in the newly filed lawsuits. (Cigarette Makers Face Thousands of New Florida Lawsuits..; Dr. Howard A. Engle, the veteran pediatrician who lent his name to a landmark class action suit against Big Tobacco, dies..)

Reference: Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds win another Engle case, Tobacco Journal International, 3/28/2011

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Florida - jury awards $26.6 million to smoker's widow..;
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Passive smoking is the leading preventable cause of childhood death in developed countries..

Passive smoking is the leading preventable cause of childhood death in developed countries",
Guadalupe Ortega, lead author of the research study and coordinator of the Atenció Primària Sense Fum programme at the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Cataluña (Catalonia regional government) tells SINC.

The data show that babies who sleep in the same room as their parents exhibit nicotine levels three times higher than those that sleep in another room. These figures show that they suffer from what is known as "third-hand smoke", in other words the harmful smoke particles that impregnate their parents' skin, clothes and hair.

Known as BIBE (Brief Intervention in Babies. Effectiveness) "the study highlights exposure to tobacco smoke among this very vulnerable age group in private spaces, where no specific programmes are yet in place", says Ortega.

The study, published in BMC Public Health, the results of which are currently being studied, involved the participation of 96 primary healthcare centres in Catalonia. The experts interviewed the parents of 1,123 babies (under 18 months of age), who had at least one smoking parent. They analysed hair samples from 252 babies in order to determine their nicotine levels, and carried out follow-up visits three and six months later.

The parents' statements largely coincided with the results obtained from the hair analysis - 73% of the adults said they smoked or allowed smoking in their homes, while 83% of the hair analysed showed up high nicotine levels.

The myth of ventilation

The hair nicotine analyses also showed that smoke toxins are not eliminated even if parents regularly carry out actions to protect their children's health. This was the case with ventilating bedrooms after smoking, smoking at the window, or when the baby is not in the house or in a different room. "The only way of keeping the place smoke-free is to smoke outside the house", the expert stresses.

The study also shows that parents' influence varies according to their gender. As mothers generally spend most time with babies, it is they who expose their children to the greatest levels of tobacco smoke. They were also found to breast feed for less time than non-smoking mothers.

Anti-smoking law helps children

According to the study, children are most heavily exposed to smoke in private places, such as at home and in cars, as well as in bars and cafés, where smoking was allowed in 2009 (when the fieldwork was carried out).

"The tightening of the law to control smoking is important because of its indirect effect on raising awareness among the public at large", the researcher explains. In her opinion, the application of this law has led to an increase in people requesting help to give up smoking.

The experts are now preparing a study to identify the factors that most strongly influence children's exposure to smoke. This information will provide paediatricians with a scale to help them detect the risk of passive smoking in childhood.

Guadalupe Ortega, Cristina Castellà, Carlos Martín-Cantera, Jose L Ballvé, Estela Díaz, Marc Saez, Juan Lozano, Lourdes Rofes, Concepció Morera, Antònia Barceló, Carmen Cabezas, Jose A Pascual, Raúl Pérez-Ortuño, Esteve Saltó, Araceli Valverde, Mireia Jané y el grupo de estudio BIBE. "Passive smoking in babies: The BIBE study (Brief Intervention in babies. Effectiveness)". BMC Public Health. 10. 20 de diciembre de 2010. Doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-10-772.

References: Babies who sleep with smoker parents exhibit high nicotine levels Scientific Information and News Service (Servicio de Información y Noticias Científicas - SINC),3/28.2011; Babies Who Sleep With Smoker Parents Exhibit High Nicotine LevelsMedcompare, Source: FECYT - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, 3/30/2011.

Doctor has called for more research into "electronic" cigarettes following the death of one of his patients..

March 30, 2011 - A UK doctor has called for more research into electronic cigarettes following the death of one of his patients, according to a BBC online story.

Dr. Rob Allcock made his call after an inquest recorded an open verdict in respect of the death of Terence Miller of Gateshead.

Miller, who is said to have used ‘large quantities of the substitutes’, suffered from the lung disease, severe lipoid pneumonia.

Allcock, who treated Miller at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, believes the disease could have been associated with his use of electronic cigarettes.

He said that the brand Miller had been using seemed to involve a mixture of nicotine and oil.

"There's extensive literature in the medical world on damage to the lungs due to inhaling oil, which looks very similar to his disease," he said.

Reference: Gateshead doctor calls for research into 'e-cigarettes', BBC.co.uk, 3/28/2011.

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Kicks-Off Tobacco Free Florida Week Across The State March 28 through April 2..

March 30, 2011

Tobacco Free Florida Helps Save Lives and Money: 500,000 Fewer Tobacco Users in Just Three Years>;

The observance celebrates the state's progress in reducing smoking rates across the state, as well as significant decreases in personal and state healthcare expenditures. The theme for this year's Tobacco Free Florida: Saving Lives, Saving Money.

During this time period, from 2006 to 2009, annual personal healthcare expenditures related to smoking have declined by $1 billion and as much as $4.2 billion in total personal healthcare expenditures have been saved as a result of the reduction in adult smoking rates(3). Lower healthcare costs mean more funds available for investment in business assets and a healthier workforce, which equals increased productivity. In addition, those former smokers are no longer spending money on tobacco products, allowing that money to be spent in other ways for their families, totaling hundreds to thousands of dollars each year per smoker.

"We see more and more tobacco products every day and too many young people are still getting hooked," said Kahreem Golden (Putnam County), Youth Advocacy Board Chair of SWAT. "Today, even though cigarette manufacturers are banned from selling candy-flavored cigarettes, candy flavored tobacco is readily available and comes in a variety of flavors that appeal to kids, yet many think they are harmless."

Reference: Tobacco Free Florida Helps Save Lives and Money: 500,000 Fewer Tobacco Users in Just Three Years, PR Newswire, 3/29/2011.,/B>


US Judge: Racketeering Ruling No Longer Applies To British American Tobacco..

March 30 , 2011 - British American Tobacco (BAT) has been dropped from a landmark US ruling against the tobacco industry after a judge ruled the law does not extend to the UK company. US District Judge Gladys Kessler granted a request from Europe's largest cigarette maker that under US law BAT is no longer liable under an initial ruling she made in 2006 hat found tobacco companies had breached racketeering laws by collectively deceiving the public about the dangers of smoking.

March 6, 2011 - Department of Justice - tobacco company defendants indeed violated the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)...U.S. federal govt and 3-cigarette makers asked the Supreme Court to review racketeering verdict..
BAT's lawyers argued that the company, which is based in central London, should be exempt from the ruling because US law did not have the authority to hold a foreign company liable for its actions outside the US.

Using a Supreme Court ruling from last year involving National Australia Bank as a precedent, Judge Kessler ruled the US had limited authority in trans-national lawsuits against foreign companies.

"There is no evidence that Congress intended to criminalise foreign racketeering activities," Judge Kessler wrote. However, she ruled that BAT would still have to contribute to some of the legal costs of the US government because it won the original ruling. Philip Pfeffer, a lawyer for BAT, said that it was pleased with the decision.

Reference: BAT scores US court victory by Richard Blackden, US Business Editor , By Richard Blackden, US Business Editor 8:16PM BST 29 Mar 2011, telegraph.co.uk, 3/29/2011.

Washington State.. youth using candy or other alternative tobacco products..

March 29, 2011 - A state survey released this month found that the rate of youths who smoke cigarettes didn’t increase, but those who are using candy flavored or other alternative tobacco products did.

According to the Washington State Department of Health’s biannual Healthy Youth Survey, there were no significant increases in the rate of smokers among sixth-, eight-, 10th-, and 12th-graders who participated since a decade ago.

But cigarettes aside, another potential problem that the health department wants people to know about is the increase in “alternative” tobacco, and nicotine products, which are seemingly targeted at youth characteristics such as their candy flavor.

King County's results from the survey:

* In 2010, among students in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12thgrades, the current cigarette use (smoked cigarettes during the past 30 days) prevalence were 1%, 4%, 8%, and 15% respectively.
* The statewide rates in these grades were higher at 2%, 6%, 12%, and 19% respectively.
* Current cigarette use appears to have peaked in 2008 and declined between 2008 and 2010, from 14% to 8% for grade 10, and from 19% to 15% for grade 12.
* In 2010, for students in 10th and 12th grades respectively, 3% and 6% were current frequent cigarette users, 4% and 6% used smokeless tobacco, and 7% and 14% smoked cigar during the previous 30 days.
* The prevalence of frequent cigarette use, cigar use, and smokeless tobacco use all declined between 2008 and 2010, but the changes in smokeless tobacco use were not statistically significant.

Reference: by Brent Champaco, woodinville.patch.com. 3/26/2011.

South Korea - KT&G’s Esse is queen of the super-slim cigarettes..

March 29, 2011 Mar 29, 2011—Sales of KT&G’/esse-super_slim_cigarwettes.jpg super-slim cigarette, Esse, last year rose by 44.5 per cent to 42.2 billion, according to a story in The Korea Times.
Within this total, exports of Esse increased from 11.2 billion in 2009 to 20.8 billion last year. (South Korean tobacco company KT&G signs deal to sell cigarettes in the Middle East and Russia..

At home, Esse accounts for 85 per cent of super-slim cigarettes. According to Euromonitor International, in 2009, sales of Esse stood at 29.2 billion, compared with Virginia Slim’s 17 billion and Vogue’s 11 billion.

“Since its inception in 1996, we have nurtured Esse as a global brand,” said Huh Up, who is in charge of the company’s global businesses. “It is currently available in around 40 states and regions including Russia and the Middle East.”

“In particular, Esse is presently the top-selling super-slim cigarette in Iran, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. In Russia it accounts for more than 10 per cent in the segment.”

Huh said that as well as exporting Esse, KT&G had established factories abroad to “generate products with local relevance”.

The company was determined to foster a “host of globally famous brands” and become a genuine international player, he added.

In October last year, KT&G invested about $100 million setting up Esse production facilities about 150 km of south of Moscow. (Russia - KT&G Corp. completes construction of plant..)

And it has cigarette factories in Turkey and Iran, both of which opened in early 2008.

Reference: KT&G rules slim cigarette market with best-selling 'Esse' by Kim Tae-gyu, Korea Times, 3/28/201.

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next month enforcement of ban on smoking by taxi drivers..;
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South Korea - BAT launches new cigarette seems similar to Camel Crush..;
South Korea - rate of male smokers probably higher than any other OECD country..;
South Korea - BAT to further invest in Sacheon factory..;
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South Korea - streets and parks of Seoul City could be designated as non-smoking areas..;
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South Korea - KT&G forms alliance with Imperial Tobacco Group..;
South Korea - more smokers in 2009 than in 2008..;
South Korea - remote island going smoke-free, car-free and night lights-free..;
South Korea - Stressed-out Koreans smoking more..;
South Korea - to ban smoking in public places from 2011..;
Korea - BAT - winning the hearts and minds of customers based on tactics tailored to local tastes..;
Korea - sets target to reduce smoking 10% in 5-years..;
Korea - stricter regulation of the tobacco industry coming..;
South Korea - tobacco imports surge 396-fold over 10-years..;
Korea - slight increase in men smoking.. ;
South Korea - anti-tobacco campaign - body painting..;
Korea - smoking ban just about everywhere by end of 2009..;
Tobacco marketing in South Korea has been deliberately aimed at girls and young women..;
Korea - smoking rates fall for men and women...
(passive smoking, environmental tobacco smoke, ets, involuntary smoking, sidestream smoking)

Japan - Japan Tobacco to halt shipments..

March 29, 2011 - Japan's dominant tobacco company on Friday said it would halt shipments of all its 97 tobacco products due to disruption from a huge earthquake and tsunami that struck the country two weeks ago.

Japan Tobacco (JT), which has a roughly two-thirds share of the domestic market and in which the government has a 50 percent stake, will temporarily halt shipments from Wednesday through April 10.

JT blamed serious disruption to supply chains and production issues after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake on March 11, which unleashed a massive tsunami that devastated swathes of the northeastern coast.

The company said it would temporarily limit output to its 25 key products such as Mild Seven and Seven Stars as it restocks product inventories to secure a stable supply of its top brands.

It blamed the 12-day shipment halt on "deteriorated distribution conditions", damage to facilities and scheduled blackouts following Japan's biggest ever recorded quake.

JT said time would be needed for damaged factories to recover.

It said the 25 key products that will temporarily become its focus will be sourced from factories in western Japan.

The 25 products cover approximately 65 percent of its consumer base according to shipment volume recorded last month, the company said.

More than 27,000 people are confirmed dead or listed as missing in Japan following the huge earthquake and the monster wall of water it unleashed.

Economists are reviewing daily their increasingly bleak forecasts for an economy that has seen infrastructure along the northeast coast shattered, and power outages in the Tokyo region. Firms have closed plants, hitting output.

Exports of key components and equipment used in the assembly of goods abroad, such as silicon wafers, liquid-crystal displays and electric machinery, have also been hit, last week sending shockwaves across global markets.

JT's factories at Kita-Kanto, Koriyama and Tomobe have suspended operations because of damage to the facilites, as has Tagajo factory of Nihon Filter, a JT group company. The extent of the damage is currently being assessed.

There was further damage to JT’s buildings in Morioka, Sendai, Mito and Utsunomiya sales offices, Sendai order processing center, and some distribution depots (located in Aomori, Morioka, Sendai, Mito and Utsunomiya) which belong to TS Network, a JT Group company, and some of these operations were suspended. JT is continuing production in each of the group’s factories west of Tokai District.

References: Japan Tobacco to halt shipments, www.channelnewsasia.com, 3/26/2011; Expressing their deepest sympathies to those who have been afflicted by the Pacific Ocean earthquake last Friday, Japan Tobacco today announced the presently known effect on the group.