July 1, 2007 - as of 7/1/2007 Smokers in five states will take a hit to their wallets as the tax increases: Alaska - another 20 cents, up to $2.25 per pack for those that were not part of the 1998 Tobacco Settlement Agreement, slightly less for the others; Connecticut - increased by 49 cents to $2.00 per pack; Indiana - increased by 44 cents to 99.5 cents per pack; New Hampshire - increased by 28 cents to $1.08 per pack - still below the other New England states; and Tennessee - increased by 42 cents to 62 cents per pack (still well below the national average of 80 cents per pack). Congratulations (The News & Observer) 

The Dummies - Pennsylvania already taxes cigarettes, but is the only state in the union that doesn't tax other tobacco products, such as pipe and rolling tobacco, chew and cigars. Why!!! Meanwhile 800,000 PA adults lack health insurance. (tobaccowatch.org)