Is this a coincidence??

July 8, 2007 - Is this a coincidence?? The 1st issue of the magazine XXL was published in 1997. RJR Tobacco came out with KOOL XL, the smoother and wider cigarette introduced in late 2006. I really don't think this is a coincidence but a deliberate attempt on the part of RJR to get more African Americans hooked on their tobacco products so that they become addicted and then become dedicated tobacco customers for rest of their lives. About XXL Magazine: (from XXL is an urban lifestyle magazine that covers all aspects of hip-hop culture As THE new voice of the Hip-Hop Generation, XXL focuses on music, style, sports, and politics with intelligence, sophistication, integrity and, ost of all, respect. Looking through a few issues, it doesn't look like the magazine accepts tobacco advertisements. (RAI's largest reportable operating segment, RJR Tobacco, is the second largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States. RJR Tobacco's largest selling cigarette brands, CAMEL, KOOL, PALL MALL, DORAL, WINSTON and SALEM, are currently six of the ten best-selling brands of cigarettes in the United States. (MarketWatch-DowJones May 4, 2007)Click on images to enlarge