Convenience Store excitement ..

August 30, 2007 - Convenience Store excitement - With the release of Marlboro SNUS this month and Marlboro MST in October - the Marlboro franchise remains active on the cigarette front as well with the September, 2007 introduction of Marlboro Virginia Blend, a single leaf blend (Click on images to enlarge.), and Marlboro Smooth 100s Box - menthols following the national launch of Marlboro Smooth - menthols last March, 2007. The RJ Reynolds Tobacco salesperson claims Camel SNUS is selling like hotcakes - they've taken out the Camel No. 9 video display and replaced it with a Camel SNUS video display. Swisher International has introduced a very inexpensive little cigar in 5-varieties called Santa Fe. Cost on these cigars is 49 cents for a 20-pack and should retail for around 75 cents a pack. It must be made of scraps of tobacco stems that were going to be discarded. (