Bush Reaffirms S-CHIP Veto ..

September 21, 2007 - Bush Reaffirms S-CHIP Veto - President Bush said at a press conference yesterday (9/20/2007)that he will veto the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) bill that Democrats in Congress hope to pass that includes tobacco tax increases because he sees the bill as “an incremental step toward the goal of government-run health care.” He said that he supports reauthorizing the program, and that his 2008 budget proposed to increase S-CHIP funding by $5 billion over five years, a 20% increase over current funding levels. Democrats reportedly want to pay for the program by raising the tax on cigarettes by 61 cents per pack, to $1 per pack from the current 39 cents per pack. Answering a reporter’s question, “If there is a tax increase on cigarettes to fund the S-CHIP program, is that a tax increase you oppose?”, the President said, “We don't need to raise taxes.” He added, “The legislation would raise taxes on working people.” Democrats said they have a veto-proof majority in the Senate and that it will pass in the House with some support from moderate Republicans, but concede they may not have a veto-proof margin, reported CNN. (CSP Daily News) See related stories:September 19, 2007 July 28, 2007 July 18, 2007 and July 9, 2007. We have to remember that a vast majority of smokers do not want their children to share their addiction.