With a Little Bit of Effort Every Youngster Can Succeed..

September 13, 2007 - With a Little Bit of Effort Every Youngster Can Succeed.. Smokers are less educated than non-smokers. The onset of tobacco use occurs primarily in early adolescence. Youth who do not start smoking by age 18 are unlikely to become adult smokers. The gravest and most commonly known health burdens from tobacco use, such as cancer, predominate in adult age groups. If you have a college degree, you have up to a 76% reduced risk of dying from cancer. Higher education lowers the risk for black and white women and men according to a report in the Sept 11 online edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. We must convince every youngster that with a little bit of effort anyone can succeed and live a healthy and fulfilling life. The solution to avoiding teen unhealthy behavior starts with a strong community support system for each and every youngster that will be there in the good times and help them get through the rough times. (TobaccoWatch.org)