Dont' Let This Happen To You ..

June 20, 2007 - Dont' Let This Happen To You - Dave Oliver started smoking cigarettes when he was 13 and ended up with a 60-a-day habit - until he got a shock which changed his life forever. The retired 58-year-old, of Dines Green, Worcester, said: "I smoked my last cigarette when I was ringing the ambulance to say I've got chest pains. "The pain was all across my chest, down my arms and up into my neck. "It was a heart attack." His cracked-open chest bears the scars of the quadruple heart bypass needed to repair the damage done to his smoke-ravaged arteries. Mr Oliver said he stopped cold turkey' and did not use any nicotine replacement products to quit his unhealthy habit. (Kate Yates, I Smoked My Last Cigarette as I Called For an Ambulance, Worcester News) With smokeless spitless tobacco like SNUS you suck on the bag meanwhile the poisonous juices are slowly leaking into your gastrointestinal tract eventually causing pancreatic cancer - the most painful and dreadful of all cancers - most everyone that gets it dies. (