Price of Marlboro SNUS in the test market area of Dallas/Fort Worth. .

October 1, 2007 - Price of Marlboro SNUS in the test market area of Dallas/Fort Worth. FROM Yahoo ANSWERS: The price of Marlboro Snus is around the same as a pack of Marlboro. The average price range that I have seen is between $4.29 to $4.49. It varies store to store. The cheapest price I have seen is at Murphy Oil (in front of many Wal-Mart stores), the price there is $3.54, they are practically giving it away. You can go to to sign up for free coupons. If you are on a Philip Morris mailing list( which includes the Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament, and Basic mailing lists), you should receive 2 coupons for a free pack on Snus in the mail. There will also be a coupon for a free pack of Snus in select Marlboro cigarette packs in the coming months. A Marlboro product promotion( like "Buy One, Get one Free") will also be coming out soon. It will be buy a pack of Marlboro, Lights, Ultra Lights, and Select Menthol packaging and get a sample of Snus (4 pouches of each flavor, Rich, Mild, Mint, and Spice for a total of 16 pouches. A normal pack of Snus only contains 12 pouches). See related news briefs stories:September 18, 2007 August 30, 2007 August 22, 2007 August 21, 2007 and August 18, 2007