Coupons for Free Cans of SNUS Readily Available..

December 14, 2007 - Coupons for Free Cans of SNUS Readily Available.. - Initial acceptance of SNUS has been poor. Tobacco companies are in agreement for SNUS to catch on and be a strong seller it's going to require more public awareness and education. As part of the plan in bars patrons are giving a free coupon to try SNUS or after a few drinks and you express interst in SNUS they'll mail you coupons - this is for Marlboro SNUS and Camel SNUS in the Dallas, TX area. In addition, in the same area of the U.S., you can find Camel SNUS coupons tucked away in Sunday newspapers and free weekly publications that can be exchanged at stores for a tin full of smokeless, spitless, tobacco pouches FREE. A local dentist Kyle McCracken believes the tobacco company is marketing the product to younger consumers who do not currently use tobacco products. "It appears in the format that they're using, it is appealing to younger adults and kids," Dr. McCracken noted that Camel Snus is sold in a tin container like Altoids mints. "To me, that resembles candy," he said. "It seems to be that it is more appealing to the younger people." The Camel Snus Web site suggests using its product "at a concert, right in front of security, on a jet from Miami to L.A. or at a bar or club. Critics of Snus—like dental hygienist Lynnette Gonzalez—believe the tobacco industry is targeting a new generation of customers by creating a devious way to get kids addicted without teachers or parents knowing it. They make it look fun," Gonzalez said. "Some of their advertisements say 'bars' or 'when you're riding in cars' and stuff.""We do not want youth to use these products," Howard said. "We do not want to communicate with youth." David Howard, a spokesman for R.J. Reynolds, states that ads are targeting only one audience: Adult tobacco consumers. "We do not want youth to use these products," Howard said - BUT THEY ARE. "We're fighting, it seems, like a no-win battle here trying to get people to stop using tobacco products," Gonzalez said, "and they're giving them out for free." ( "Critics Assail Smokeless Tobacco Giveaway" by Steve Stoler, WFAA-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth, 12/13/2007; Say 'Screw It' to Smoke Breaks with Snus, DC9 at NIGHT, Dallas Observers Blogs - Music, 12/11/2007) We have to win this time or our future leaders - our children will end up nicotine addicts never able to achieve their full potential. Who do you think is going to pick up the Art of SNUSING?? - not inveterate (hard-nosed, long-established, deep-rooted) cigarette smokers but young adults and any youngsters they can entice along the way.( INCOMPLETE - Not all links to existing news briefs connected yet..