Sheesha (Shisha, Hookah, Narghile, Waterpipe) As Harmful as Cigarettes, says Expert..

December 27, 2007 - With more youngsters and women taking to sheesha (waterpipe) smoking, experts like Dr. Ahmad al-Mulla, the director of the stop smoking clinic in Doha - the capital of Qatar, warn the practice is no less harmful than cigarette smoking. The smoke that comes out of sheesha contains numerous toxicants known to cause lung cancer and heart diseases, by delivering the addictive nicotine. A comment from a user: Mureno, a 22-year old student - "I am truly re-living the Arabian Nights" whose favorite tobacco flavor is 'double apple.' The tobaccos come in assorted flavors such as apple, mint, chocolate and grape. The law banning public smoking of tobacco or its derivatives was implemented in 2002 but cafes offering sheeshas did not fall under the category. According to Dr. al-Mullah the authorities are not issuing any more licenses for new cafes offering sheesha (shisha). There's a widespread notion among youngsters that the practice of sheesha smoking is relative which is NOT true. ("Sheesha as harmful as cigarette, say experts" by Sarmad Qazi, Gulf Times, 12/27/2007) See related news brief:Hookah (Shisha or Sheesha, Narghile) is Worse than Smoking Cigarettes.