C-store: RJR replaces large entrance Camel SNUS sign with Camel No. 9 sign..

January 11, 2008 - R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. said on November 27, 2007 that it will not advertise its cigarette brands like Camel No. 9 in newspapers and consumer magazines in 2008. The company indicated it would focus marketing in three areas - one of these being the retail outlet - point of sale advertising. Camel SNUS along with the other SNUS products being test marketed have not sold well and the majority of smokers have rejected this alternative tobacco product. Remember nine of 10 smokers who try smokeless reject the product.. Tobacco companies are in agreement for SNUS to catch on and be a strong seller it's going to require more public awareness and education. But even programs to station a person in c-stores passing out coupons for a free can of Camel SNUS don't seem to work. It is a difficult task to learn the art of snusing especially for the inveterate (hard-nosed, long established, deep-rooted) cigarette smokers public health SNUS advocates are targeting. You have to wonder if Philip Morris USA wants to associate the Marlboro name, one of the strongest brand names in consumer packaged goods, with a loser - Marlboro SNUS. (TobaccoWatch.org) Click on either image to enlarge..