Montana will require fire-safe cigarettes..

April 16, 2008 - Montana will become on May 1, 2008 the 28th U.S. state with legislation requiring the sale of only cigarettes with lowered ignition propensity – so-called ‘fire-safe’ cigarettes. In 2003, New York was the first state to pass such legislation, while Virginia, Indiana, Idaho, Washington and Wisconsin are the latest, having done so this year. As of April 2008, Kentucky will require that all cigarettes sold be fire-safe. Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes, about 60 per cent of the U.S. population now lives in a state that requires the sale of only fire-safe cigarettes or that will do so in the immediate future. Let's have fire-safe cigarettes for all 50 states - NOW. In March 2008, the Liggett Group announced that all of its U.S. cigarette brands would comply with fire safety standards by the end of January 2009, even those sold in states that did not impose such standards. Other related news briefs: March 27, 2008, August 28, 2007, August 27, 2007 and. July 20, 2007. Click on image to enlarge..(