Further initiatives by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (RJR)..

April 29, 2008 - RJR is lowering the number of pouches per container from 20 to 15 pouches and reducing the price per tin by 30 cents (Marlboro SNUS - 12 pouches, Lorillard's Triumph SNUS - 24 pouches, Skoal Dry - 20 pouches). (TobaccoWatch.org) David Howard spokesman for RJR - for the expanded Camel SNUS test market cities promotional and point of sale (POS) materials will continue to be similar as other test markets, including a free tin of Camel SNUS with the purchase of a tobacco product and coupons for free tins on the promotional side, as well as countertop and back bar refrigeration units for the POS. Two other initiatives are under way for the company Howard says -- new packaging for its Pall Mall line of cigarettes and a test of a new customizable cigarette. In April, the company will roll out new rounded edge packaging for its Pall Mall brand of cigarettes, in an effort to convey a more premium image of the product. In addition, the company will test Camel Crush, a cigarette that allows users to customize their experience with menthol. A capsule in the filter can be crushed anytime -- before lighting, while lit or near the end of smoking -- to add a menthol flavor to the cigarette, which is made of the Camel Light blend of tobacco, according to Howard, who noted that the product appeals to menthol and non-menthol smokers alike. A date and location of the test market could not be disclosed. ( R.J. Reynolds Expands Snus Tests, Convenience Store News, 4/29/2008)