Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) to launch the D-spec cigarettes "Camel Nutty Lights Box" in Southern Japan in July 2008..

June 9, 2008 - D-spec products produce less odor (less smoke smell) and are therefore more acceptable to people who find tobacco smoke unpleasant. JT introduced "Camel Menthol Box"" nationwide in March 2007, soon after a successful test marketing phase. "Camel Menthol Box," which is also a D-spec product, was well received in Japan, and its popularity led to JT's decision to introduce ''Camel Nutty Lights Box,'' as a non-menthol alternative for "Camel Menthol Box." With this new product, a total of 20-D-spec products will be available in Japan. As of March 31, 2008, D-spec products had grown to account for 4.59 percent of Japan's domestic market share, increasing 0.55 percentage points over the previous year. Reference: JT to Launch "Camel Nutty Lights Box" in Southern Part of Japan, 6/9/2008. JT holds the rights to the Camel brand outside of the Unites States through the acquisition of R.J. Reynolds International in 1999. A JT D-spec product Mirage Cigarettes was introduced in Canada in December 2007.