National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag), June 6, 2008..

June 6, 2008 - Today Swedes will celebrate their national day for the second time since it became a public holiday. Demonstrations of national pride don’t come naturally to Swedes since Sweden has not taken part in any of the wars of the modern era.

Many people believe the use of oral snuff started as a Swedish custom. It may have been a combination of inhaling snuff through the nose and chewing tobacco that led to the use of oral snuff. Swedes first started tucking snuff (known in Sweden as SNUS) under the lip at the end of the 1700s. Swedes imigrate to America. A couple comments from Swedes on snus. (1)Anne of Anne's Foods, Stockholm, Sweden - I'd say flavored snus is actually really traditional, people have been flavoring their tobacco for ages here. It's part of the tradition - and these snus flavors that we were presented with are definitely old and not something new and fancy. In fact, I don't think we have many heavily flavored kinds - some though, mostly marketed towards women. (2)The fact that people in Sweden consume such a vast amount of snus says something about the level of culture in this country. For me the habit is repulsive and I am glad I don’t have to kiss a woman who uses it. It is in par with the consumption of surstr√∂mming, i.e. rotten fish. (Goran Hansson - Blog Skaneland)