Rising Prices Causing People to Re-think Their Lifestyle - This Just Might Be the Time to Eliminate Tobacco From Your Life..

June 15, 2008 - Everywhere you go, it seems like people are talking about high gas prices. In many cases, that's creating a domino effect by making groceries and other goods much more expensive. That's forcing people to find other ways to make ends meet to provide for themselves and family. If you're a tobacco user it costs more and more each and every day for an addiction that can only cause you harm. With cigarettes the price is constantly going up caused by the manufacturer raising the price along with increases in taxes. Just in the last 45 days Philip Morris has had two price increases on Marlboros and in New York State another dollar has added to the tax per pack bringing the total tax to $2.75. Can you use a few extra dollars?? An every-day smoker can save more than $2000 a year by quitting. Most likely you've been wanting to quit for a long time --well, here's your chance. There is no magic pill for tobacco cessation. Will power is what it takes. (TobaccoWatch.org)