STOP PMI Sponsoring Concert in Philippines..

July 1, 2008 was the date to start to enforce the remaining tobacco control measures that are part of the Phillippines' Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 (Republic Act No. 9211). The measures are: no tobacco ads in all mass media and no tobacco sponsorship of all sports, concert and arts events.

Now we have Philip Morris International (PMI) trying out the governments enforcement of these measures in sponsoring a free "Eraserheads Reunion" concert of the very popular Filipino group Eraseheads on Saturday, August 30, 2008. (The band is one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original Pinoy (Filipino) Music, earning them the accolade, "The Battles of the Philipines.") PM Managing Director speaks on Eraserhead reunion.

To obtain tickets people must visit an PMI website to sign up to win tickets. Visitors must provide personal contact information that allows PMI them to send them promotional material (like coupons) on tobacco products. We know this is exactly what PMI is looking for. Mike Szymanczyk now the CEO of Altria, Inc. has stated that Philip Morris owes their success to the ability to connect with adult tobacco consumers through the in-store experience and the development of one-to-one relationships using their database of 25 million adult cigarette smokers (Remarks, Investor Presentation, 3/11/2008).

The Philippines Department of Health has warned PMI that it is violating the country's tobacco regulation law and urged an end to their involvement. PMI was forced to remove posters and billboards in a Alicia Keys concert they sponsored in Djakarta, Indonesia when the singer protested.

Reference: Philip Morris Caught in Second Concert Sponsorship in Philippines, Center for Media and Democracy.

One Filipino dies of smoking-related ailment every six minutes. That's 240 everyday or a whooping 87,600 every year.

The Philippines has ratified the
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Treaty.