Denmark - Must Be 18 to Buy Ciagrettes..

September 1, 2008 - As of today, 9/1/2008 a new law takes effect making it illegal for young people under the age of 18 to purchase tobacco or to introduce tobacco to Denmark from abroad.

Health Minister Jakob Axel Nielsen (Cons.) says the new law is designed to postpone the age at which some young people begin smoking. “Research shows that the younger children are when they start smoking, the greater the risk that they will become addicted. At the same time we know that most smokers begin smoking before their 17th birthday. By increasing the age limit we are targeting a group that could otherwise become addicted to tobacco,” says Nielsen.

As of Monday, all outlets that sell tobacco must sport signs with the new age limit. At the same time, personnel will be reminded that they are to ask for identity cards with pictures if young people enter a shop to buy alcohol or tobacco. The new age limit puts Denmark in line with the other Nordic countries.

Reference: Age limit for tobacco goes up, edited by Julian Isherwood, Politiken.DK, 8/29/2008.