Chinese cigarettes go global - Golden Deer Cigarettes..

October 6, 2008 - China National Tobacco Corp. and Switzerland-based Philip Morris International have established a partnership which allows PMI to produce its Marlboro brand cigarettes at Chinese factories in return for marketing three of China's domestic cigarette brands globally. The three brands are Dubliss, Harmony, and RGD; initial markets are in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe.
(Chinese cigarettes to go global)

In 2006, Shanghai Tobacco has taken steps to implement a strategy of turning Golden Deer into a major international cigarette brand. The 8mg “Golden Deer”(yellow) cigarettes and 5mg “Golden Deer”(white) cigarettes were launched in succession in the Taiwan market, and received good response. After about six months’ efforts, the 10mg “Golden Deer”(blue) cigarettes entered Taiwan market successfully.

After succeeding in Taiwan taxable markets were developed South America, the Middle East, Australia and other countries and regions. Shanghai Tobacco Group managed to step up development of the taxable market in the Philippines by strengthening coordination with local dealers, and had the 10mg Golden Deer go on the taxable market in the country. According to information on its sales on the local taxable market over the past more than two weeks, Golden Deer, as a high- and medium-grade cigarette products on the local market, and has won favor from young consumers in terms of both packaging and flavor. Golden Deer, which was launched in the Philippines on September 5, is described as a 10 mg cigarette. (Golden Deer grazing on Philippines market)

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