C-store update - tobacco product displays at checkout counter..

October 2, 2008 - Today, we take a closer look at a c-store's checkout counter with numerous tobacco displays mixed in with candy and other selections. Take a look at the images of a typical c-store checkout counter with its various tobacco product displays.

A child seven years old is tall enough to look these products directly in the eye. There should be NO doubt that tobacco displays encourage children to start using tobacco products.

You see Swisher, the U.S.A.'s largest manufacturer of little cigars, Cigarillos for 99 cents a pack, Imperial Tobacco/Altadis Phillies in various types and flavors - note the Phillies cigarillos come in various colored tubes (containers), Altria/John Middleton varieties of Black & Mild Cigars as cheap as 50 cents/each, Swedish Match's White Owl Cigars with a B1G1 free offer (latest flavor - pineapple) and many more items all designed to get the attention of those that frequent the c-stores.

Cigarette sales mainly take place in c-stores.

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Other news: In November 2008 - Marlboro products will go down one dollar a carton and in December 2008 Philip Morris will be promoting a Marlboro gift package (get one pack free)- they do not want it called B1G1 free.

C-store owners wonder how Altria will tweak the UST's premium brands - Copenhagen and Skoal - to return these brands to some modest share growth..