New Hampshire Cigarette Tax Goes Up By 25 Cents A Pack..

October 17, 2008 - On October 3, 2008 we reported that New Hampshire's 25-cent increase in cigarette tax will only take effect if the state did not raise at least $50 million in cigarette taxes over the past three months. State revenue counters had until Oct. 15th to determine whether the $50 million mark had been reached.

The higher tax, which retailers are to start collecting immediately, will raise an extra $18 million a year for the state budget, by recent estimates. New Hampshire’s tax is now $1.33 a pack (from $1.25), still well below the $2.51 a pack, plus sales tax, that Massachusetts imposes.

The increase does not affect the price of cigars, pipe, smokeless and loose tobacco.

Reference: Cigarette tax goes up by 25 cents a pack by TOM FAHEY, State House Bureau Chief,, 10/15/2008.