Gallaher criticized for marketing cigarettes at young women..

October 22, 2008 - UK - Silk Cut is launching a range of super-slim cigarettes in packaging that is likely to appeal to females. Action on Smoking and Health has attacked the company's latest product, which consists of thinner-than-usual cigarettes housed in a package resembling a perfume box similar to the product that Philip Morris Tobacco's Virginia Slims will soon be marketing. A spokesman for Japanese International Inc. owned Gallaher indicates the new cigarette (coffin nails) represents "elegance and quality."

Elspeth Lee, head of tobacco control, Cancer Research UK - Wrapping cigarettes in attractive packaging is one of the last marketing tools left for tobacco companies.

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Reference: Tobacco firms attacked over 'super-slim' cigarette packs, Cancer Research UK, 10/21/2008.