Romania to increase excise tax on cigarettes April 1, 2009..

March 30, 2009 - The Government decided on Wednesday (March 25, 2009) the rise in the excises on tobacco by 7 euros/1,000 cigarettes, starting April 1 and by further 7 euros starting September 1, Minister of Public Finance, Gheorhge Pogea, announced.

Therefore, one package of the best sold cigarettes which now stands at 6.8 lei (0.000213USD) it will cost 7.2 lei (0.000225USD), said Pogea.

For cigarettes and cigars the excises will go up as of April 1 to 57 euros/1,000 (75.23USD) cigarettes, being expected to go up to 64 euros (84.47USD) for 1,000, as of Sept. 1.

For the sparkling alcoholic drinks, the rise in excises will be made in a single stage, the minister giving assurances that the excises on wine and beer will not increase, except for the rare beverages.

The excise on sparkling alcoholic beverages will increase from 34.05 euros/hl (44.94USD) to 45 euros/hl (59.39USD) and for the intermediary alcoholic drinks the excises will swell from 51.08 euros/hl (67.41USD) to 65 euros/hl (85.78USD).

In turn, the excises on fuel, natural gas or electricity will not be raised, said Minister Pogea.

By 2010, Romanian cigarettes is expected to be aligned with EU prices for cigarettes. (More - on tobacco in Romania)

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Reference: Excises on tobacco increase starting April 1, AGERPRES - Romanian News Agency, 3/26/2009.