Nigeria - Senator claims anti-tobacco bill will lead to 400,000 job losses..

March 11, 2009 - The National Tobacco Bill is currently on the floor of the National Assembly. This was the view expressed by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Industries, Senator Kamorudeen Adedibu who described the bill as a "misplaced priority" for the country, Adedibu, who represents Oyo South in the Senate also vowed to mobilise his colleagues in the upper legislative chamber to ensure that the bill is defeated. He claims passage of the bill will increase smuggling and most especially, it is going to stop the necessary means of livelihood for over 400,000 people.

He also hinted that the Senate should concern itself more with bills that will help people put money in their pockets, put food on their tables, boost education and not bills that will lead to unemployment.

Adedibu commended British American Tobacco - Nigeria (BATN) for its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which he said has helped to create wealth in the rural areas of the state, and urged it not to relent.

BATN Foundation is an independent charitable organization incorporated in Nigeria in November 2002 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its vision is to improve the quality of life of citizens in rural and urban areas of Nigeria. It operates throughout Nigeria on a series of local initiatives. In order to achieve its Mission in Nigeria, BATN Foundation focuses on Poverty Reduction through Agricultural Development, Sustainable income generation, Potable Water Supply and Environmental Protection. (About BATN Foundation, BAT-Nigeria)

The anti-tobacco campaign in Nigeria Public health jeopardised by greed of global death merchants
Sokari Ekine, Pambazuka News, 10/15/2008.

British American Tobacco targeting African Children with cigarettes, Duncan Bannatyne takes on the company behind Embassy, Pall Mall and Benson & Hedges and asks them why they're targeting African children, in the face of falling smoker numbers in the west - video, approximately 60 minutes..

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Referenece: Nigeria: Anti-Tobacco Bill Will Lead to 400,000 Job Losses - Sen Adedibu,, 3/9/2009.