South Australia - bill will be introduced to fine kids for smoking..

May 28, 2009 - South Australia (SA) - a BILL will be introduced to Parliament next week to ban children from smoking and fine them $315 if caught smoking. In SA it is an offense to sell cigarettes to minors and a police officer or teacher can confiscate tobacco from children. But Liberal MP Iain Evans, who is introducing the Bill, says a gap exists in the laws. "You walk up and down the mall and you always see a lot of underage people smoking . . . and currently they commit no offense," Mr Evans said. If passed, the legislation would target all children under 18. Fines however, can only be given to children over 15.

Substance Abuse Minister Jane Lomax-Smith said: "It's already an offence in SA to sell or supply cigarettes to people under the age of 18 and we support that position."

While it is an offense for children to smoke in Tasmania, the introduction of a fine would be an Australian-first.

Reference: Plans to fine South Australian teenage smokers by KIM WHEATLEY,, 5/29/2009.

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