Australia - More on federal tobacco tax increase..

July 6, 2009 - Australia may increase the price of cigarettes to help cut the number of smokers by 1 million people, the Australian newspaper reported, citing the Preventative Health Taskforce discussion paper.

The government may increase the price of a packet of 30 cigarettes to A$20 ($16), or raise the average price of a single smoke from 45 Australia cents to 67 cents, which would net an extra A$1.97 billion in taxes, the newspaper said.

Plain labeling of cigarette packets, a ban on internet sales and media campaigns are also recommended by the taskforce, the newspaper reported.

Kidney Health Australia said it would back any move to increase the tax on cigarettes, taking them to more than $20 a packet, to cut their use in the community - especially in children in the future. (Cigarette tax backed, Kidney Health Australia, 7/6/209)

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Reference: Cigarette Price Rise Considered by Government, Australian Says by Ben Sharples,, 7/6/2009.