More on Philip Morris' New Menthol Marlboro 54..

July 14, 2009 - July 15 2009

Marlboro Menthol 54 - The promotion period, i.e., June 17, 2009 - July 26, 2009, the introductory price was reduced $2 off per pack and $20 off per carton.

We reported in the last C-store update that these cigarettes were a big seller, in fact, the c-store owner can't keep enough in stock and the wholesaler has limited distribution. Sales are probably strong because of the price at $2.42 a pack compared to Newport at $4.63 a pack (North Carolina>.

Now we have found that it has been difficult stocking these menthol cigarettes because of manufacturing problems. But instead of extending the promotion period Philip Morris has stopped the promotion and prices are not back to the regular price. The price during the promotion was $2.42 per pack and now the price is $4.42 - in this one convenience store Newport cigarettes are priced at $4.63 per pack.

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