Elkhart, Indiana - smoking ban stands no exemption for bars..

August 5, 2009 - Mayor Dick Moore introduced an amendment that would exempt 21-and-over bars from the ban. I have my doubts that it will pass,” said Moore. “I think the ordinance will stay the same way it is.”

The Elkhart City Council passed the citywide ban in April 2008 by a 9-0 vote. The ordinance forbade smoking in all public places, including taverns, and was tougher than ones in Goshen and St. Joseph County. A late compromise, though, allowed a one-year exemption for bars, and took effect when Mayor Dick Moore signed the ordinance on May 15, 2008. (One year later, smoking ban still a hot topic, by Josh Weinhold, etruth.com, 5/5/2009)

Since the ban went into effect in May 2009, many bar owners across the city claim their profits have gone "up in smoke." At Hunter’s Place, Frances Hunter says her business is down 50 percent after her one-year exemption from the ban expired in May. "When they gave us the one-year exemption, my business was fine, and as soon as they said no smoking whatsoever, that's when business just went completely off," said Hunter.

Most did not favor this amendment tonight and it was probably the economic downturn to blame for lower profits at bars.

Reference: Elkhart fails to approve smoking ban exemption by TROY KEHOE, WSBT-TV Report, 8/4/2009.