Patterns and Behaviors of snus consumption in Sweden..

August 28, 2009 - Snus is a traditional product with a long history of use in Sweden dating back hundreds of years ago.

In this British American Tobacco (BAT) study telephone surveys of snus users (defined in this survey as those who normally use at least one snus portion per day) randomly selected from telephone directories in all regions of Sweden were conducted in 2007 and 2008. In total, 2,914 respondents answered questions on snus usage, including the types of products used and the quantity and frequency of use.

In Sweden the number of men using smokeless wet snuff (‘snus’) tobacco has fallen from 22 to 19 percent, while snus use among women has remained stable over the last five years at about 3 to 4 percent. (Sweden - Regular tobacco (including SNUS) use falling..)

Snus use is reportedly far more common in the male population in Sweden compared with the female population (male to female ratio: ~ 8:1) (Statistics Sweden [English] Living Conditions, 2007). This was reflected in the lower number of females (n = 359) compared with males (n = 2,555) who completed our questionnaire (male to female ratio: ~ 7:1).

The majority of users of both pouched (96%) and loose snus (99%) placed the portion between the gum and upper lip. Although most snus users maintained the portion at the site of application, a significant number, 36.5% of pouched users and 18.9% of loose users, move the portion around the mouth during use. Very similar patterns of behavior were observed for both male and female users. You would think if the tobacco is moved around in the users mouth the flow of saliva with the user having the urge to spit therefore no longer spitless.

Approximately 50% of the pouched snus users and approximately 70% of the loose snus users were aged between 30 and 54 years. The distribution shows that the percentage of loose snus users between 18 and 29 years old was lower compared with the
pouch users (11.5% compared with 23.6%, respectively).

PAPER: Patterns and behaviors of snus consumption in Sweden, Helena Digard, Graham Errington, Audrey Richter and Kevin McAdam, British American Tobacco, Nicotine & Tobacco Research Advance Access published online on August 17, 2009, ABSTRACT.., Full Text...

The survey addressed various topics, from average consumption per day and residence time in mouth to dependence and use of snus as a cessation aid.

The male population was relatively evenly distributed between use of ‘loose snus’ (42%) and ‘portion snus’ (54%). The female population predominantly used ‘portion snus’ (93%). Few used both loose and portioned snus.

Male consumption of ‘portion snus’ was 11.8 grams per day on average while the female group consumed 8.5 grams per day on average. Male users of ‘portion snus’ consumed 12 pouches a day on average compared to 10 pouches a day for female ‘portion snus’ users. ‘Loose snus’ consumption was 29.5 grams per day on average.

22% of male snus users took their first snus within five minutes of waking, and 57% of males took their first snus within thirty minutes of waking. The data were similar for females.

The normal time that respondents kept either a loose portion or a pouch in their mouths was slightly in excess of 1 hr. Female pouched snus respondents tended to use snus for shorter times with a mean time in mouth of 47 min. The shortest normal time of use was just over 20 min for female respondents and just over 30 min for male respondents. Examination of the data for the longest time normally kept in mouth shows some extreme values, with male pouched snus users reporting times in mouth of up to 15 hr, and 7 hr for female pouched snus users.

This study showed lower rates of smoking among Swedish snus users, than those reported for American moist snuff.



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