Smoking - negative effects on your external qualities..

August 13, 2009 - Aside from the extremely nasty internal effects of smoking, such as cancer and emphysema, (for the full list of cigarette causing disease click here) it's really no surprise as to how much smoking negatively effects your external qualities as well.

As the positively ageless, and smoke-free, Cindy Crawford once said "The age you had at 25 is the face that God gave you, but the one you have after 50 is the face you have earned."

So, throw away the lighter, and cold turkey that last pack because quitting is worth every single eyelash and collagen molecule you have left on that face.

Here is a list of a few ways smoking ruins good looks:

1. Ew! Who stinks? - You smoke, you smell. Simple as that. No matter how many Altoids you pop or how many body sprays you own in the glove box, that smell will linger. Second-hand smoke kills. And sadly, children are at the most significant risk. Spare their air, please.

2. Two words = Premature Wrinkles. Because smoking significantly decreases collagen, (which is a key element to the plump and supple look of young skin) that means that premature crows feet and lines around the lips will be part of the inevitable ugly-making package. The only known treatment to reverse these side effects are skin-tight face lifts, which if you haven't notices, simply look ridiculous. (Just google "Joan Rivers.")

3. Like crew-cuts or lifeless limp locks? The chemicals in cigarette smoke contribute to the future outcome towards significant dull, brittle, greying, and balding hair.

4. No whitening strip will save you. Aside from the permanent yellow tinge, the plaque build up, and purple gums, cigarette smoking can actually contribute to the loss of teeth and gums. Hey, on the bright side, at least you won't have to buy anymore of those Billy Bob Teeth.

5. Yellow fingers and a muffin top. The effects of cigarette chemicals on the body are horrendous. Aside from the tar stains, the chemicals which bring your female hormones all out of wack, also cause overall skin sagging. Under the arms, around the neck area, in addition to a very unflattering "humpty dumpty" shape around your midsection.

P.S. There's nothing more sad than the lady that carries/parades around pictures of her younger, prettier former self in her wallet to show to random strangers of what she once was.

For more info: Quit Smoking

Reference: Skin care 101: How smoking effects your beauty, Mira Torres - SF Beauty Examiner, - Charlotte, 8/12/2009.

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