Suffolk County, NY - bans electronic (e) cigarettes..

August 19, 2009 - The Suffolk Legislature on Tuesday, August 18th banned the use of electronic cigarettes in indoor public spaces, a move it claimed makes the county the first jurisdiction in the nation to forbid the product.

The 12-1 vote, with four abstentions, puts the so-called e-cigarettes on par with traditional cigarettes, barring their use in Suffolk's indoor public spaces. , but supporters say are less harmful.

The vote came after a group of a dozen members of the Long Island Vapors Club, an organization of e-cigarette enthusiasts, pleaded with legislators to spare their hobby from public restrictions. But the bill's sponsor, Legis. Jon Cooper (D-Lloyd Harbor), said the battery-operated devices are dangerous and need to be barred from the county's buildings.

Reference: Suffolk lawmakers ban the use of
electronic cigarettes indoors
by REID J. EPSTEIN,, 8/18/2009.



October 7, 2009 at 7:58 AM

I can't believe the ignorance of this board. I have read plenty of research on the units and found that this is the ONLY research that showed any such results. All the other research I found through other sources and countries show that these are not harmful as they are being made out to be. I appears to me that the board is uneducated on the subject matter. Perhaps they should have actually dome some reading first. And if they are going to ban e-smoking i think they also need to ban fog machines used in theaters and shows. It is the same thing. As far as the claims of antifreeze are concerned it is the chemical to make antifreeze LESS harmful, the chemical itself may not actually be harmful.

Before passing such extreme legislation perhaps they should post the research they used to make this decision. If the FDA is the only source they used then its tax money and big tobacco companies making the legislation and not educated people.