Ireland - tobacco vendors must register by October 1, 2009..

September 14, 2009 - The Office of Tobacco Control (OTC) has urged all tobacco vendors to register with it before October 1st.

Anti-smoker legislation implemented (went into effect) on, July 1, 2009 when a ban was introduced on the advertising and display of tobacco products in retail shops. At the same time, under new provisions of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts 2002 and 2004, tobacco retailers will have to sign up to a retail register and tighter controls will be imposed on the location and operation of tobacco vending machines. (Ireland - Office of Tobacco Control 2008 annual report - Positive..)

Retailers who do not register by then will not be legally entitled to continue selling tobacco products.

CEO of the OTC, Eamonn Rossi said any registered retailer who was convicted of an offence under the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts would be removed from the register for up to three months, as well as having to pay any fine imposed in court. “Removal from the register means that tobacco products cannot be sold from the premises during the period specified by the court,” he said.

Retailers can register with the Office of Tobacco Control online at or request an application form by calling 1890-333-100.

Reference: Tobacco vendors urged to register, Irish Medical Times, 9/10/2009.

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