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November 5, 2009 The government of Tanzania (a country twice the size of California, located in East Africa, just south of Kenya) told old the National Assembly that it is going to continue supporting tobacco farming despite the increase of cancer cases caused by cigarette smoking since that is not the solution to the problem.

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives, Dr Mathayo David Mathayo said that one of the factors for not stopping the production is that 85 percent of all tobacco produced in the country is exported, thus only the remaining 15 is consumed in the county.

“Tobacco farming and production employs 1.3 percent of population, which is equal to 500,000 Tanzanians and their families depending on the crop for their livehoods,” explained Dr Mathayo.

However, the deputy minister acknowledged that cigarette smoking has both long term and short term effects, saying that it is the reason for restrictions in cigarette advertising, health warning on the packets and not allowing it to be sold for persons under 18 years.

“I cannot choose between the economic advantages of tobacco production and the health effects that cigarette smokers get, but the precautions and warnings ensure that those using the product know its effects and are all adults, thus have the ability to make decision for themselves,” he said.

Dr Mathayo was responding to a question by Mr Mohamed Habib Mnyaa (Mkanyageni –CUF) who asked the minister to choose between the two in his supplementary question during the parliament question and answer session this morning. In his principal question, he asked the minister about economic advantages and health effects of tobacco.

WHO - Tanzania.. Tanzania has outlawed smoking in public places.

Reference: From the Parliament
Stopping tobacco production not solution to increasing cancer cases
, JIANG ALIPO, Daily News Online Edition, 11/3/2009.

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Tanzania has ratified (April 30, 2007) the
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Treaty.