Alberta joins some other provinces in suing tobacco companies..

November 24, 2009 - EDMONTON -- Health groups are celebrating after a bill was passed allowing the province to sue tobacco companies for health-care costs associated with tobacco-related diseases.

Under Bill 48, the Crown's Right of Recovery Act, the government can sue to recover "cost of health services caused or contributed to by a tobacco-related wrong." "We are delighted that the Alberta government has joined with other provinces to hold the tobacco industry accountable for the health-care impact of its deceptive marketing practices," said Tony Hudson of the Lung

Action on Smoking and Health spokesman Les Hagen also applauded the move, adding: "The Alberta government now has a tremendous opportunity to help offset the rising costs of health care while holding the tobacco industry accountable for its actions."
Hagen also encouraged the government to launch a lawsuit as soon as possible. The health groups estimate 3,000 Albertans die a year from tobacco-related illness.

Alberta joins Ontario, British Columbia (B.C.), Quebec and New Brunswick as provinces that have passed similar legislation.
Map of Canada.

Reference: Alberta's ability to sue tobacco firms praised by health groups by SUN MEDIA, Calgary Sun, 11/20/2009.