Denmark - more and more Danes supporting stricter anti-smoking laws..

December 27, 2009 - A majority of Danes believe that the present laws restricting smoking should be expanded, according to a Gallup/Berlingske Tidende poll.

The laws were tightened just two and half years ago to include all indoor public places except the nation’s smallest pubs and private offices. But 53 percent of those polled indicated they now want the law to include all public sites without exception.

Danish smoking ban day: August 15th, 2007..

Sociologist and lifestyle expert Emilia Van Hauen: It’s considered un-hip and lower class nowadays. People who are addicted to smoking are now viewed much like the obese – they lack self-discipline."

A planned revision of the current law that was to take place early next year has been postponed until 2011, the issue to be first discussed in parliament.
According to the Danish Cancer Society, between 200 and 400 people die each year from conditions related to passive smoke inhalation.

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Reference: Smoking laws not strict enough , the COPENHAGEN Post online, 12/21/2009.

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