Australia - AMA urges senate to pass Preventative Health Agency Bill..

October 27, 2009 - Australian Medical Association (AMA) President, Dr Andrew Pesce, said the creation of the National Preventative Health Agency was an important first step towards reducing preventable chronic diseases in Australia. An Overview - National Preventative Health Strategy

Dr Pesce said the AMA urges all Senators to support the Australian National Preventative Health Agency Bill, which has already been passed by the House of Representatives.

Dr Pesce: "A growing number of Australians are at high risk of serious diseases and premature death due to excess weight, smoking and alcohol use. The proposed National Preventative Health Agency is a significant first step in a strategic national approach to reducing preventable chronic diseases."

The National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission and the Preventative Health Taskforce both recommended the creation of a preventive health agency. "It is expected that a major role of the agency will be to progress the recommendations of the Prevention Taskforce," Dr Pesce said.

"The establishment of this Agency should not be stalled. It is time to start acting on a national prevention strategy," Dr Pesce said.

Reference: AMA Urges Senate To Pass Preventative Health Agency Bill, Australia, Source: Australian Medical Association (AMA), 10/27/2009.