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January 10, 2010 - TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Since the strict bans on smoking came into force last January, cigarettes consumption in Taiwan has dropped to 180 million packs, said a survey from Ministry of Health. The new Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act (菸害防治法) that started to be enforced last year curbed 10 percent of smokers that are above 18 years old.

The Bureau of Health (BOH) under the ministry estimated that each smoker consumed an average of 19.04 cigarettes in 2008, but only 18.04 cigarettes in 2009. BOH figured that cigarette consumption in the country has dropped from 1.36 billion packs in 2008 to 1.18 billion packs in 2009. A BOH official calculated that a smoker could save up to NT$260,000 (8,185.11 USD) in 10 years if the person quit smoking.

Smoking is banned in indoor areas, public venues such as KTV, Internet cafe, and train station platforms, according to the new restriction. The new law prevents persons or organizations from promoting smoking or providing ashtrays in public. Violators will be subject to fines.

The John Tung Foundation (董氏基金會) revealed that most people mistook the act as preventing smoking only in indoor areas with more than three people. John Tung Foundation, the leader in Taiwan's anti- smoking campaign. Yau Sea-wain (游柏村), president of the foundation, said that smoking in any indoor area is banned, so for example, a person in a company with more than three persons cannot enjoy a cigarette in a separate room in their workplace.

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Reference: Cigarettes consumption shrinks to 180 million packs, The China Post, 1/9/2010.

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Original: Taiwan - Tobacco Hazards Control Act Original, passed March 4, 1997, has undergone revisions in 2000 and other times.