SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes - no battery required, another nicotine delivery system..

February 12, 2010 - Notar UK, a Warrington, England-based company which has the exclusive UK (United Kingdom) rights to distribute the ‘Similar’ brand of German cigarette alternatives. Notar UK has now signed a distribution deal with the pub vending machine operator Cherwell Group, Britain’s biggest independent vending machine company.

Cherwell has agreed to offer Similar products from its vending machines throughout the country and is now planning to roll out the new line at a rate of 300 pubs per month.

What is so different between an E-Cigarette and SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes?
SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes are not like E-Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes have electronic apparatus such as a battery and heating element (like you would find in an Electric Kettle). SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes do not have any of this!

SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes deliver nicotine using food flavorings and nanobeads found in everyday food products. When inhaled the nicotine is released to satisfy the `smokers` nicotine cravings. E-Cigarettes usually deliver the nicotine by heating up and vaporizing it after which the user inhales the Nicotine Vapour.

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Bryan Ford, sales director with the Cherwell Group said the Similar smokeless cigarette would be available in Greater London, the north west and the north east this month. It will be available in clubs and pubs throughout the rest of the country by the end of the year. The Similar brand of cigarette substitutes are sold in £6 (The Similar brand of cigarette substitutes are sold in £6 (6.90 EUR, 9.40 USD) packets of packets of 10.

Reference: Smoking in pubs isn't back...but it tastes Similar, Manchester Evening News, 2/9/2010.



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