Swedish Match's Nicotine-free Onico launches a new portion snus..

February 4, 2010 - Back in May 2008 we reported on Swedish Match's Onico, a tobacco- and nicotine-free snus like product, may cause cavities..

Onico launches portion snus infused with ginseng and guarana. The new Onico+ is infused with extracts from Ginseng & Guarana. Onico+ also provide a completely unique and refreshing flavor with hints of tropical fruits that are reminiscent of delicious Amazonian flora.

Onico Ginseng Guarana: “A modern, tobacco and nicotine-free portion snus that is seasoned with ancient ingredients is an attractive combination for all users of snus who are looking for a new and exciting way to reduce their nicotine consumption,” says Robert Lundgren Product Manager for Onico.

Guarana is a climbing plant that is native to the Amazonian rainforest. The plant’s fruit contains naturally caffeine-rich seeds. Ginseng is a perennial herb which grows mainly in Asia. Ginseng root has been used by eastern cultures for millennia and has over time gained great popularity in the western parts of the world.

Each Onico+ Ginseng & Guarana portion contains about 5 milligrams of natural caffeine from guarana and about 0.1 milligrams of ginsenosides, the active ingredient in ginseng root. Onico+ Ginseng & Guarana will be available throughout Sweden as of February 1. While retailers are free to set their own price, the retail price will be about SEK 30 per can. Onico recommends an age limit of 18.

In August 2007 Onico launched Juniper Berry.

Reference: Onico launches portion snus infused with ginseng and guarana, Swedish Match, 2/2/2010.